ECR, the Culture Weekend in Ireland to talk about green economy

Politics - February 9, 2024

The culture weekend event promoted by the ECR Party is back. From November 3 to 5, it will be the Lyrath Estate Hotel, located in the Irish countryside of Kilkenny, that will host guests attending the conference whose subject will be “tradition and innovation: a conservative future for European farmers.” Will find space valuable topics such as sustainable policies for the prosperity of our European landscapes, insights on livestock farming, agricultural policies and green economy.

Kilkenny Culture Weekend

This particular appointment will address issues of enormous relevance to the whole of Europe and will be attended by politicians and significant exponents of subject areas. Lyrath Estate, the hotel that will host the kermesse, is famous for its beautiful grounds that stretch across 170 acres in the Irish countryside, with picturesque lakes, historic gardens and emerald woods.

The historic 17th-century estate sits next to a modern hotel building, emblem of the winning combination of past and present. Indeed, the style of the old mansion blends perfectly with the contemporary design of the new hotel, made up of as many as 141 rooms.

The ECR Party comes to Ireland aware that this is the right place to talk about the future in terms of livestock, agriculture and, above all, the green economy. Considering the objectives that the European Union intends to achieve in this regard, the confrontation between politics, production and market trends becomes indispensable.

Those who chose to take part in the initiative by purchasing the long weekend package, landing as early as Thursday, November 2, were also able to visit the beautiful city of Dublin, thus dedicating a day to the beauty and history of the Irish capital. Those who opted for the canonical package, however, will begin their experience today and will leave on Sunday, November 5, day of departures.

The Conference: guests and panel

The first panel will take place on Saturday, November 4, starting at 9:15 a.m. “The Green Economy: a look at affordability for consumers and greater prosperity for European businesses,” this is the title of the meeting moderated by Marilu Lucrezio, RAI Journalist and Brussels correspondent from Italy, and will be attended by: Michael Collins, Irish MP; Mauro Rotelli, Italian MP and Chair of the Committee on Environment, Territory and Public Works; Adela Mirza, President of the Alternativa Dreapta party; Neno Dimov, Director of the Conservative Institute and former Minister of Water and Environment; Cormac Lucey, Irish columnist and professor of Finance at Trinity College.

After a coffee break, it will be time for the second panel, “Conservative solutions for pragmatic and sustainable livestock policies.” Will be moderating Niall Boylan, Irish radio talk show host, and will be engaging in the discussion: Giedrius Surplys, Lithuanian MP, deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Commission and former Minister of Agriculture; Luca De Carlo, Italian MP and chairman of the Agriculture and Agri-food Production Commission; Carol Nolan, Irish MP and member of the Commission for Research, Innovation and Science; Valters Zelcs, Latvian Foreign Policy advisor to the Farmers’ Parliament; Larrisa Nolan, Irish journalist for The Mirror.

Starting at 11:45 a.m., Francesco Lollobrigida, Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, will be interviewed by Antonio Giordano, Italian MP and Secretary General of ECR Party.

Last February, ECR Group co-chair Nicola Procaccini and FdI-ECR delegation leader Carlo Fidanza, in a note shared through ECR’s official channels, made clear how important the figure of Minister Lollobrigida is to the Italian government and especially to the Italian government’s commitment to “the defence and enhancement of Made in Italy agrifood products, the protection of designations of origin, the support to an agricultural and food model based on quality, biodiversity and typicality against the prevailing trend toward the standardization of food,” as well as toward “the obvious need to protect food sovereignty and security, founding principles of this commitment that Fratelli d’Italia and the European Conservatives pursue every day in the European Parliament.”