From Jerusalem, ECR’s Solutions for European Agriculture: Abundant insights and proposals to tackle future agricultural challenges.

Culture - June 6, 2023
Speakers at Jerusalem

The third edition of the “ECR Party Culture Weekend” concluded in Jerusalem with a remarkable turnout, gathering over 120 participants from across Europe in addition to local guests. Many prominent political figures joined the initiative.

Organized by the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Party, this meeting focused on environmental protection, drought, and their impact on the world of agriculture. The weekend, titled “Conservative, Audacious and Pragmatic Solutions to Water and Agricultural Challenges,” proved to be an engaging and insightful event.

Jerusalem, known as the Holy City and a center for major monotheistic religions, was chosen as the venue for the third Culture Weekend organized by the ECR. This decision was influenced by its historical and symbolic significance, representing the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe and serving as a convergence point for diverse cultures and religions. Moreover, Jerusalem and Israel exemplify how human ingenuity and technological advancements can revolutionize agricultural practices, particularly in overcoming challenges like drought. 

“In an unstable geopolitical context, with a weakened Europe following the dual crises of the pandemic and Ukraine, it is clear that we need the capacity to produce the things we need autonomously, from pasta to lithium, from electricity to vaccine active ingredients. We must shorten the value chains and return to production in Europe,” emphasized Carlo Fidanza, leader of Fratelli d’Italia in the European Parliament. He also highlighted the crucial importance of the partnership with Israel, stating, “Enormous opportunities for Italy and Europe lie in the unlocking of the Israel-Lebanon agreement on the EEZ, encompassing water management, security, intelligence, defense, and military technologies.”

The Jerusalem event was significant to stress the ECR’s solidarity with Israel and the Netanyahu government after the latest terroristic attacks. Gila Gamliel, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence from the Likud party, affirmed the need for like-minded individuals who recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish state to unite their efforts. 

During the panel “International cooperation: sharing best practices and solutions”, the Italian Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Luca Ciriani stated “Change, even within the European Union, is necessary, driven by the conservative wind blowing across Europe, rooted in common values and heritage. The richness of the world we want to preserve lies in the uniqueness of traditions and cultures”.

The proceedings were led by the Secretary-General of the ECR, Antonio Giordano, who emphasized that “Israel has been subjected – especially in recent times – to the usual treatment reserved for us right-wing individuals for a very long time, lately in a much more obsessive manner, as has also happened to the new Italian government.” Hence, choosing Israel as the venue was a deliberate decision to stand by a friendly country and people who have faced both terrorist and political attacks questioning their legitimacy. This event aimed to further demonstrate support for Likud, a party member of our ECR Party.

Notable guests included Members of the European Parliament Ladislav Ilic (HS), Veronika Vrecionova (ODS), and Kosma Tadeusz Złotowski (PiS), as well as national parliamentarians Luca De Carlo (FdI), Maayan Samun Spokesperson of the Knesset, and Giedrius Surplys (LVŽS). The event also welcomed Paweł Jabłoński, Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PiS), Nemo Dimov, former Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Water (DSB), Adela Mîrza, President of Alternativa Dreaptă, Luigi Scordamaglia, International Director of Coldiretti (Italy’s main farmers’ association), and Barbara Kolm, Vice President of the Austrian Central Bank.

The ECR’s Culture Weekend in Jerusalem provided a platform for robust discussions and the exchange of ideas to address the pressing cha.llenges facing European agriculture. This event showcased the ECR’s commitment to pragmatic solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability and the well-being of communities. Moreover, it exemplified the significance of Jerusalem as a meeting point for diverse cultures, religions, and political perspectives in the pursuit of shared goals.