Islam Threatens Our Roots: Extremists Call for Sharia Law Even in Europe

Politics - May 8, 2024

Europe is going through a very sensitive period culturally. Its Judeo-Christian roots are being challenged by the strong intervention of the most extremist factions of Islamic culture. Indeed, in recent months there has been increasing pressure from immigrants, including second and third generation immigrants, who want to impose the Sharia, the holy law derived from the Koran and applied in the religious states of Middle Eastern and Asian countries, on the democratic order of our democracies. The Islamists’ demands are expressed in the form of demonstrations, very often violent: demonstrators take to the streets, squares and occupy universities and educational establishments, glorifying the Caliphate, demanding Sharia law, solidarising with Palestine and Hamas, in a totally anti-Semitic view that wants to deprive Israel of its right to exist.

Europe under attack

In Hamburg, Germany, on 27 April, thousands of extremists took to the streets of the city to demonstrate for Sharia law. In fact, the situation in Germany is very complex: according to the local authorities, there are about 500 personalities linked to radical Islam. What is more, the initiative was organised by Muslim Interaktiv, a very “cool” organisation with thousands of followers on social media: its aim is to spread the teachings of the Koran through the world of communication, targeting the most easily manipulated sectors of the population: the young and the very young. Then, in the last few days, a synagogue in Warsaw, Poland, was attacked. The situation in Italy is no better. In many universities, pro-Palestinian demonstrators have decided to occupy buildings and block classes in order to demand the abolition of academic cooperation agreements between Italian and Israeli universities. In many cases, a minority of students has found support from left-wing extremists and even former Islamic terrorists, leading to physical confrontations with police forces. A similar situation can be observed in France, where violence is emerging in many schools and universities. It is an intolerable situation both for the majority of students, who are too often held hostage by extremist minorities, and for public order, so much so that even French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who belongs to Renaissance, the same social-democratic party as President Emmanuel Macron, has been forced to speak out against the growing escalation of violence perpetrated in the name of Allah. Of course, despite being a socialist, Attal was also accused of being racist and using Islamophobic language.

The attempt to Islamise Europe

In other words, Europe, and especially those countries that have been governed by left-wing parties for years, are suffering all the negative effects of the “no borders” and ultra-immigrationist policies that have always favoured the uncontrolled and unconditional entry of migrants from Africa and Asia, with too weak plans for their reception and integration into our culture. This has given rise to real movements that are not integrated into our culture and that want to impose, even in our democracies, the same living conditions as in their countries of origin, where politics is subordinated to religious, sometimes extremist, thinking. All this endangers our culture and traditions, our society, which is based on very different rules and teachings. The point is that the most extremist factions of the Islamic religion have seen in the “no borders” theories of European countries an excellent opportunity to freely enter our continent and try to complete the process of Islamisation of Europe that fundamentalists have been dreaming of for centuries. The greatest risk is to reach an irreversible point of no return: continuing along this path will in fact provoke an ever-increasing pressure of Islamic culture on our institutions, which only a victory of the right in the next European elections can avert.