Sofia will host a new ‘European Culture Weekend’

Culture - May 13, 2023

On May 12 and 14, the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, will host the second European Culture Weekend, an initiative of the ECR party that aims to offer a complete experience of discovery, learning and networking in significant cultural sights of Europe and abroad. In addition, one of the main purposes of this conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the diversity of European traditions, landscapes and cultures.

This event will offer European conservatives the opportunity to discover the capital of Bulgaria, a city with a broad and extensive cultural heritage  with onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques and Red Army monuments that lend a diverse and picturesque feel.

The weekend will start with a Historic & Cultural Tour around Sofia, with a route that will start at the Memorial to the victims of the communist regime, where Dr. Milen Mihov –associate professor of Bulgarian history, former assistant rector of the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. Cyril and Methodius”, a former national representative in the 43rd and 44th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, and author of historical books- will make a speech. The tour will include also a visit to Cathedral church ‘Sveta Nedelya’; The Triangle of Power -the building of the National Assembly, the Presidency, and the Council of Ministers building-; the Church-rotunda ‘Saint George’; the ancient complex ‘Serdika’ and the National theater ‘Ivan Vazov’.

Friday will end with a welcome dinner at the Hotel Millennium Sofia, where attendees will be able to share impressions of the day’s visits.

The following day will consist of panels and lectures covering the latest trends in conservative thought and the latest on navigating EU politics, covering security and defence, immigration and other critical EU challenges. Among others, there will be pannels such as’European Conservatives defining a platform for challenges and opportunities to come’; ‘Disinformation and misinformation: a political tool in the hands of the woke’; ‘Localism is a conservative ideal’; ‘European Culture and Identity: our political priority’; ‘A Plan for the EU’s Long-term Support for Ukraine and the Eastern European Perspective on Future EU-Russia Relations’.

The panels will feature top tear speakers such as Members of the European Parliament, senior role holders in European conservative parties, academics, international experts, and more. Among them will be Angel Dzhambazki, Member of the European Parliament and ECR Party Board Director; Adela Mirza, Right Alternative, and ECR Party Board Director; Herman Tertsch, ECR Party Board Director and Member of the European Parliament; Karlos Kontrera, Chairman of the political group “Patriots for Sofia – VMRO and Ataka” in Sofia Municipality Council; Victoria Georgieva, journalist expert in “Religions of Europe” and member of the editorial board of The Conservative; Mariya Tzvetkova, journalist, former Member of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and Member of the executive committee of VMRO-BND; Marta Schifone, an italian MP; Antonio Giordano, ECR Party Secretary General, and italian MP; and Lars Patrick Berg, a MEP from Germany.

This second edition of the European Culture Weekend will give attendees the opportunity to meet and strengthen the bonds with fellow European conservatives in a friendly atmosphere, as well as discovering an celebrating the diversity of the European Union’s cultures thanks to the various activities such as the mentioned guided tour of historical landmarks, traditional dance shows and regional wine tasting.

If you would like to participate in the event, you can register through this link.