Spain: Report Finds Media Double Standard Against Conservatives

Politics - November 25, 2023

At the last General Election, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez (Spanish Socialist Party-PSOE-S&D), met with opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo (People’s Party – PP- EPP) in the only “face-to-face” debate of the campaign.

The issue of coalitions and governing agreements caused the most tension in the conversation. Sánchez blamed Feijóo for his pacts with the conservative party VOX (ECR) on several local governments. His message tried to convey a sense of fear of the so-called ‘far right’ among Spanish citizens.

The candidates debated the week of the 26th Anniversary of Miguel Ángel Blanco’s—a Basque PP politician—kidnapping and murder by the Basque ETA terrorist organization.

With that context, it is worth asking why a large part of Spanish society allows itself to be manipulated. It is curious how many, especially in the media, think that it is worse to agree with VOX than with pro-ETA parties, such as EH Bildu, with communists like far-left Podemos or with separatist forces like ECR.

Podemos, Bildu, and ECR have all been partners of Prime Minister Sánchez. They have either been part of his government as ministers or have facilitated his parliamentary agenda.

This situation does beg the question: why there is much talk of the ‘far right’ in Europe but very few mentions of the ‘far left’?

This manipulation is due, in large part, because of the media’s influence. A report by ‘Fundación Disenso’—a Vox-linked conservative think tank—analysed the frequency with which the Spanish media used the terms ‘far right’ and ‘far left’. Not surprisingly, the report found there is an imbalance in the way both terms are used. The media generally demonises the right, favours the left, and normalises new radical parties like Yolanda Diaz’s Sumar.

Indeed, Communists enjoy favourable media coverage in Spain, despite the European Union’s 2019 resolution that puts Communism in the same position as Nazism. “Both regimes committed mass murder, genocide, and deportations, and were the cause of a loss of human lives and freedom on a scale hitherto unseen in the history of humanity.”

Communist regimes have taken the life of more than 100 million people. It is incomprehensible that, when politicians from Sumar openly declare themselves communists, no one in the media condemns their radicality. They, however, do not hesitate to condemn Vox when it presents a conservative agenda. They do not shy in labeling Vox with the worst epithets, including “fascists”, “cavemen”, and “extremists”.

It is a shame that declared communist parties are now in the Spanish government. Their followers, of course, do not judge them. They deliberately ignore the blood communism has shed and the horrors committed throughout history. It is a shame that these parties speak of ‘Democratic Memory’ – the one that suits them. They ‘defend’ women’s rights, but neglect communism took away the rights and freedoms of millions of women in every continent where that failed idea has been sowed. In the countries of the communist bloc, women were taken to concentration camps for wanting to divorce their husbands or simply for wearing ‘provocative clothes’.

Isn’t this ironic? Like the Spanish Ministry of Equality, Irene Montero advocating for a law that has given reduced sentences and liberations to convicted rapists.  You will hardly see this data in the mainstream media.

The left is deliberately attributed with moral superiority. This double standard against conservatism and the media’s constant battle against right-wing parties hides and justifies all the wrongdoings of Communism throughout history. Vox has called out this “demonisation” of his party and of conservative forces in Europe.

Fortunately, people are starting to notice.