Spain Takes to the Streets against Sanchèz

Politics - November 17, 2023

The Spanish Parliament is preparing for a crucial vote on Thursday to ratify the new government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, which has gained the support of the Catalan separatist parties. The parliamentary debates are scheduled to begin on Wednesday at 11.00, with the vote of confidence scheduled for Thursday, as announced by the Speaker of the Chamber, Francina Armengol.

In exchange for the support of the Catalan separatist parties, Sanchez agreed to grant amnesty to those involved in the failed secession attempt of 2017. An electoral exchange that shows the worst face of politics. With the left ready to trade anything to continue governing. The Spaniards, however, are not there. They do not accept such a shame in any way. In fact, numerous protests have spread to various provincial capitals throughout the nation. The opposition movement was joined by the Vox party and the small centrist Ciudadanos party, with a liberal orientation.

On 12 November, hundreds of thousands of people took part in demonstrations throughout Spain to express their opposition to the announced amnesty for Catalan separatists. This measure was promised by Sanchez to two Catalan separatist parties in exchange for their support for a second four-year term, which should be confirmed in the coming days. The participants in the largest demonstration held in Madrid exhibited signs with slogans such as “No to amnesty, yes to the Constitution” and “Sánchez traitor”. Representatives of the main opposition party, the People’s Party, with a conservative orientation, have raised concerns about the stability of democracy in Spain. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of the People’s Party, said that the protests will continue until new elections are called.

The organizers estimate that half a million people participated in Madrid, while the government reported a significantly lower number of 80 thousand participants.

Vox is also in the front line against the underworld and Sanchez’s backdoor deals. Santiago Abascal, Spanish leader, filed a complaint with the Supreme Court against the interim Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, and their respective parties, the PSOE and Junts. In addition, Abascal called for the precautionary suspension of the investiture session of the socialist leader, scheduled to begin tomorrow in the Congress of Deputies.

In the complaint, Abascal listed several accusations, including crimes of corruption, concealment of crimes and usurpation of functions of the judiciary. The leader of Vox expressed his concern about what he calls a “tragic period” for Spain, stressing the alleged unscrupulous behavior of an outgoing president who would threaten the rule of law, equality before the law, judicial independence and would lead to a regime change from the “back door”.

Abascal, a participant in the protests that have been taking place for more than ten days under the PSOE headquarters in Madrid, said that it is imperative to avoid such events. Vox’s request for the suspension of the investiture session adds a further element of uncertainty to the Spanish political landscape, already agitated by tensions and demonstrations that reflect the deep divisions within society.

Of particular importance was also the presence of Tucker Carlson, former Fox News anchor and Donald Trump loyalist, alongside Vox patriots under the PSOE headquarters. “We wanted Carlson to see firsthand how the Spaniards are opposing Pedro Sánchez’s coup”, was the party’s comment directly from their profile on X.