The ECR Party launches an economic, philosophic and political discussion in Croatia

Culture - April 5, 2023

From 31 March to 2 April, the ECR Party is organising a European culture weekend in Split (Croatia), dedicated to accelerating the conservative agenda for prosperity and freedom.

The participants will first visit Trogir, a historic coastal town by the Adriatic Sea, 27 kilometres west of Split.

As a first topic of discussion, the event will delve into an important economic matter of a monetary nature, namely, the replacement of the kuna as its national currency and adoption of the euro as of 1 January 2023.

The Member of the Croatian national Parliament Mr. Marko Milanović Litre, of the conservative party “Hrvatski Suverenisti” (Croatian Sovereignists, belonging to the ECR Party) will moderate a discussion panel including Dr. Barbara Kolm, Vice President of the General Council of the “Österreichische Nationalbank” (Austrian Central Bank), and Prof. Dr. Neven Vidaković, lecturer of banking, financial instruments and markets in the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

A second panel will focus on a non-economic issue, that of the “Woke” ideology.  Here, journalist, blogger and podcaster incubator Mr. Ratko Martinovic will host one more scholar, Prof. Dr. Goran Lojkić, assistant researcher at the Zagreb Institute of Philosophy; together with two conservative politicians, Mrs. Adela Mirza, President of the conservative party “Alternativa Dreapta” (The Right Alternative) of Romania, also belonging to the ECR Party, and Mr. Ladislav Ilcic, Member of the European Parliament on behalf of the “Hrvatski Suverenisti”.

On the second day of the gathering, Mr. Antonio Giordano, ECR Party Secretary General and a Member of the national Parliament of Italy on behalf of “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy) will deliver his welcome speech on the acceleration of the Conservative agenda for prosperity and freedom.

Furthermore, he will go on to moderate a panel on classical and liberal conservatism as a way towards human prosperity, integrated by Gary L. Kavanagh, Director of the Edmond Burke Institute (EBI), Dr. Barbara Kolm, climate change critic Dr. Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson, professor of politics at the University of Iceland, and Prof. Dr. Goran Lojkić.

A second panel on the day will define the conservative line by differentiating between EU and national competencies, with Member of the European Parliament Mr. Rob Roos, on behalf of the “JA21” party (Right Answer 2021) of the Netherlands, once more belonging to the ECR Party, joining Mrs. Ylenja Lucaselli, Member of the National Parliament of Italy on behalf of “Fratelli d’Italia”, for a hopefully very fruitful discussion.

A final panel on the functioning of EU institutions and the evolving balance of powers will see Member of the European Parliament Mr. Angel Dzhambazki, on behalf of the “IMRO” (Bulgarian National Movement), again belonging to the ECR Party, discussing with Mrs. Ruža Tomašić, former conservative Member of the European Parliament from Croatia.

The event will be concluded with a lecture by Mr. Carles Iserte, an advisor with the Spanish delegation of VOX in the European Parliament, integrated in the ECR Group and ECR Party, who will dissert on working the politics behind the scene.

Before leaving Split, the event participants will go on a historical landmarks tour of the city at the crossroads of European empires, followed by a boat tour.  All in all, the weekend will nicely blend economic, philosophic and political discussion with networking among different national families to consolidate the conservative strategy in the European Union.