EU a “Useful Idiot” in the Middle East

Uncategorized - November 26, 2023

The meeting of the European Council at the end of October ended in Europe continuing its double game in the Middle East.

Before the Euro Summit President Charles Michel sent a letter to the members of the Council where he urged regarding to Gaza: “We must discuss how to ensure, as a matter of urgency, the effective delivery of humanitarian aid and access to the most basic needs.”

Letting Hamas recover

Such a measure means that those who started the current fighting, the terrorist organization Hamas, are given breathing space to recover.

Consider the idea that the same demands for humanitarian considerations were raised in 1944 for the German troops when the Allies gained a foothold on the European continent.

It would have risked that the Second World War would not have ended in a victory for democracy and freedom, but in a war of attrition that never ended – precisely what is going on in the Middle East.

When a belligerent is not forced into an unconditional surrender, history shows that the fighting does not end. The war continues, although it may be paused for a period.

A fragile EU consensus

When the heads of state and government of the EU countries, after several hours of discussions, were able to agree on a common position on the war in Gaza it was made in a way that the conflict would be able to continue.

“The European Council … calls for continued, rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access and aid to reach those in need through all necessary measures including humanitarian corridors and pauses for humanitarian needs.”

Several leaders were concerned that demanding a cease-fire in the Israeli effort to access the terrorist group Hamas would be detrimental to Israel, but accepted the wording about a “humanitarian corridor”.

But even this compromise can be futile. “The fragile EU consensus could be short-lived”, states commentators who point out that conditions on the ground can change quickly in affected areas.

The European Council also endorsed organizing an international peace conference “shortly” without specifying who or where it should take place. The Treaty of Versailles 1918 comes to mind. It proved to lead to disaster as neither warring party considered themselves to have lost the war. The history suggests that such summits and agreements only serves to prolong the suffering.

Increased risk of infecting Europe

According to Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M / EPP), there is concern in several member states that the conflict in the Middle East could spread to Europe.

– There are many countries that are very concerned about what happens domestically when people either just because they have a background in that region, or even worse, openly show sympathy for Hamas, Kristersson said.

Despite these concerns, the EU is prepared to prevent Israel from winning by giving breathing space to the terrorists to recover and then be able to continue the bloody fighting. That is what has happened for more than seventy years.

Haven’t learned the lesson of history

Political leaders nowadays have stopped learning from history. It is believed that one can achieve success with good hopes and a desire for everyone to be friends. That’s the decent attitude, isn’t it? Who wants to object?

This mental state has put the West, not least Europe, in an increasingly weak position in the world. The “soft power” is much weaker than the “hard power”.

If Europe wants to end the war in the Middle East, it must put its foot down, stand on the side of the only democratic state and let that country win the battles.

Only then will peace be achieved in the region.