A conservative model for Spain

Energy - November 8, 2022

On 28 October, the New Economy Forum organised an event in Madrid with two ECR Spanish members.  Mr. Jorge Buxade, Vice President of the ECR Party, spoke on VOX’s political and economic strategy.  He was introduced by Mr. Hermann Tertsch, Vice-Chair of the ECR Group in the European Parliament.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Tertsch outlined a real political alternative to a social-democratic puré, the realisation of a historic task in order to correct a “catastrophic direction” in the Western world, as well as “a perverse transformation of the European Union into a socialist mega-state”.

He also explained to the attending Spanish audience that his questions to the Von der Leyen Commission on the Covid-19 vaccination contracts remain unanswered, a sign of the authoritarian regime imposed in Brussels.

Finally, he sided with Mr. Buxade in the defence of Poland and Hungary against the continuous defamation campaign launched by the same European Commission, willing to destroy any and all nations that refuse to submit to a centralist power without any control.

After pointing out Mr. Tertsch’s courage and generosity, Mr. Buxade reminded that socialist politicians do not dare to go on the streets anymore, in order to avoid being booed.  Their policy of enlarging the state and increasing fiscal pressure on families, enterprises and workers is nothing but a means of imposing ideology against the common good.

The VOX politician explained why he frontally opposes the United Nations 2030 Agenda, despite it being accepted by all other forces in the Spanish political panorama.  Energy consequences of that same agenda and the recent vandalising of art in the name of an environmentalist creed demonstrate that the European Union suffers from a radical view of climate.  The Vice President of VOX supported fracking and nuclear energy, banned by the EU Green Deal.

He requested the audience not to further accept blackmail in the form of the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Mr. Buxade nicknames “Social Demolition Goals”.  Referenda should be organised, among other issues, in order to confirm whether people really accept such goals decided by the political elites.

The VOX politician defended direct democracy to make public consultations on various subjects.  However, according to him there are two areas that cannot be put to the vote, namely, national unity and fundamental rights.

With regards to the new corporate sustainability due diligence directive proposed by the European Commission and presently under discussion in the European Parliament, the conservative MEP warned that it would lead to delocalising of many companies outside of the continent.

Mr. Buxade recalled once more that the Member States of the Union are the masters of its treaties.

The principle of primacy of EU law should not be assumed categorically, without consideration to the national constitutions.  On the other hand, the principles of conferral, subsidiarity and proportionality should be applied fairly, rather than interpreted in order to deceive their meaning.

Two examples illustrate how these principles are being sidelined by the EU institutions.  Agricultural support should benefit European farmers first, not enhance competition coming from third countries.  And the New European Bauhaus must not pretend to dictate how real-estate should be uniformly built on from Lisbon to Warsaw.

In the question and answer section, the Spanish MEP delved into the judiciary crisis in Spain, not very well known in the rest of the European Union, since its authorities have had an interest to put a critical focus on Poland and Hungary, instead.  He defended independence of judges and magistrates so that they can choose their managing authorities, rather than having them imposed by the government.

As for inflation, he accused Mrs. Von der Leyen, even before the Covid-19 crisis, of launching an expansive monetary policy in order to finance her Green Deal.  Therefore, the increase of interest rates that families and enterprises will now suffer is a direct responsibility of the European Commission.  Its Next Generation funds have not only filled the market with an excess of money, but they have also failed to reach their beneficiaries, particularly in the case of SMEs.

In terms of political philosophy, Mr. Buxade stressed that families and companies are natural communities, as much as the motherland.  Such natural character makes it unnatural to break their unity, as revolutionaries aim to do.

He was also questioned on Gibraltar.  VOX defends the Spanish sovereignty over Gibraltar, based on international treaties, despite the silence and lack of political will on behalf of other political parties.  His response here caused a spontaneous round of applause.

Naturally, being Spain the only EU country governed by communists, he was asked on this particular item.  Mr. Buxade showed a certain rage against the high degree of unemployment suffered by his fellow citizens, which remains unsolved by the leftwing government.

In view of the following regional and local governments, the VOX politician announced that the conservative party would be represented, for the first time, in all legislatures, a very important milestone towards its subsequent accession to the national government.

Source of the picture:  Nueva Economia Forum.