Adela Mîrza: If We Unconditionally Accept Immigrants We Will no Longer Have a Europe!

ECR Party Europa Viva Conference - May 22, 2024

The “Europa Viva24” conference in Madrid on the 17th-18th of May, one of the largest conservative meetings at European level, included the ECR Party’s “European Culture Weekend” debate project.  During the debates on Saturday (18th May), Conservative Party leaders on stage debated current European policies, the challenges facing our society in relation to how artificial intelligence should be used, the opportunities for the use of green energy and the most sensitive topic of the moment – the migrant crisis in Europe.  In this context, Adela Mîrza (President of Alternativa Dreaptă Party) gave an interview to The Conservative. 

Rep: You said at the ECR conference in Madrid that Europe is like a sponge for migrants and asked the audience present the rhetorical question:  What will happen to the European Union in the next 10 years?  when we have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every year. How can we Europeans help migrants humanely and at the same time protect our European conservative values and European Christianity?

Adela Mîrza: “We as Europeans can help them, humanly speaking, they are people fleeing their countries. Most of them are economic migrants, not political migrants or war refugees. The only war refugees in Europe are Ukrainians, whom we Romanians have helped more than other countries and will continue to do so. Those are the real war refugees, let’s understand each other. War refugees are those who come to the first neighbouring country next to the military conflict zone. If you pass the first country you are no longer a war refugee you become an immigrant. Otherwise the others who come from North Africa and wherever they come from, Syrians, Iraqis, more recently Palestinians are migrants. These are the ones we can best accommodate at home. If we want to help Europe and if we want to help them (people who are trying to leave their country of origin for one reason or another in search of a better life) they should be encouraged to stay in the countries of North Africa (for those who come from Africa) and who, I repeat, are economic refugees. Jobs must be created there. Gerogia Meloni’s Mattei Plan is a very, very good example.You have to invest in North African countries, you have to create jobs, you have to invest in technology. You have to keep these people there in a country with similar culture, similar religion, similar customs. There they can be accommodated. Language – even the cultural language differences are much smaller than with the European ones. Kept there (n.e. in the first country neighbouring the conflict zone), helped financially so that when the crisis in their countries ends these people can go back home.”

Once they are in Europe, in EU member countries even, the humane solution would be to try to accommodate them if we can. One solution that I see is to do a little triage if you can call it that and try to accommodate them in the sense that these migrants are kept in refugee camps. If possible in North Africa not on European soil. If they are going to arrive on European territory, they must understand that they must first of all accept us as a continent: our Christian values, our way of living and functioning in Europe. And they must WORK, learn the language, and become LEGAL citizens of Europe. There is no way we can support illegal immigration. We have to make it legal. The watchword is LAW and the law must be respected. Our European laws must be respected by those who want to come to Europe and become European citizens. Otherwise there is no choice, otherwise they go back. You can’t arrive in the middle of Europe and suddenly say “European values are no good”, “Europe is rotten”, “Allah is the best – democracies sucks”. You can’t do that. We Europeans will never accept that. When you come to my house and I offer you a place to sleep, food, a roof over your head, security, you have to embrace the values of your host. Otherwise we have nothing to talk about.”

Rep: How can we protect our conservative values and Christianity?

Adela Mîrza: “To protect our Christianity and our European values we must first of all ensure the security of Europe’s borders. If you don’t have secure borders, you don’t have a secure state, you don’t have national sovereignty. The big European countries in the south of Europe, namely Italy and France, have this problem. But let’s not forget the eastern borders. We must not forget that Europe is not only to be defended to the south. Europe must also be defended in the East. The Ukrainian conflict brings us very, very close to the danger of not having a secure border to the east of the EU. If Putin manages to get through Ukraine, we, at least we Romanians, will be the next target. And then we will no longer be able to talk about a secure Europe. Romania is a member of the European Union, it is a member of NATO and it will do everything in its power to defend this border. But we must also have the help of the EU because we are not alone. Just as we contribute financially in Europe to everything that concerns the EU, so must Europe help us.” 

Rep: What solutions can we as developed countries offer to those who arrive in the EU and are really war refugees?

Adela Mîrza: “We have to accommodate them, we have to offer them everything they need to people who are leaving war and we Romanians have done that. We have offered them accommodation, financial aid, some of them have obtained work permits and even found jobs in Romania, others have not. These people need to know that there is no telling how long this conflict will last. They need to find a job and there are state institutions that are working to integrate them. As I said before, there have been Ukrainian refugees who have found work because they understand that they cannot wait forever for unconditional support. By working they ended up paying taxes to the budget of the country that adopted them. As Saint Paul said: he who does not work should not eat. We understand the humanitarian tragedy they are going through and we are with them, but they must try to make a future for themselves, even if it is temporary, in the country that has taken them in. Adopting the language, the customs, adapting where they are. This is what we can do for them. As regards the conflict in Ukraine, Romania is not only helping and supporting Ukraine, but we have also created corridors for their grain. I don’t know what else we could do. There are the controversial discussions about sending the Patriot system. It is a decision to be taken in the CSAT. It is a very sensitive issue because Romania’s very security is at stake. That is why these discussions must be conducted with great care and decisions taken accordingly.”

Rep: You talked about economic migration and migration created by conflict zones. How do you assess this new trend of social migration?

Adela Mîrza: “We are seeing a lot of nonsense recently because we are seeing so-called climate migrants, if there is such a thing. Half of the world’s population should migrate because of the climate. Those from the north come down because they are too cold and those from the south should come up north because they are too hot. There is no such thing – climate migration. Economic migration does. We are seeing it in full force in southern Europe in France, Spain and Italy are facing major problems. Economic migrants from Africa are coming and crossing Europe ILLEGALLY, most of them are ILLEGALLY coming and trying to find a future in Europe. Unfortunately, they are running headlong into the reality of Europe. The reality of Europe already has its own problems that need to be addressed and we conservatives have pointed them out time and time again. We have problems with the way the EU is run, the left-wing tendencies that we see in Brussels, the nihilism, the woke-ism, the woke-culture and everything that is left-wing politics in Brussels. We have enough problems of our own that we don’t need to burden ourselves with the problems of migrants. You can’t stay on welfare forever bringing your family to try to have a decent life in the EU without contributing anything. We Europeans have done nothing wrong to these people. We help them as much as we can humanly speaking but they can’t ask us to change our way of being, to give up from us to give to them. They have to understand. Those who can’t find a job can’t integrate, they have to go back to where they came from, otherwise neither they nor Europe will look good. Social migration is a problem. Let’s think about their lifestyle. Europeans are already very few. Fewer and fewer children are being born. Or you suddenly face a large mass of Muslim population in particular who have a lot of children. It will change the whole fabric of European society if these people keep coming. We will be effectively suffocated by a Muslim majority population. Europe will not look at all in 10 years like it does now. Everything will change. There will be a cultural shift, massive social movements. Christians will become a minority on their continent and I don’t think anyone wants to see what that prospect will look like.

Rep: The creation of a single European army has long been discussed. Could its use be a solution to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching the EU?

Adela Mîrza: “There has been talk for some time of creating a European army. I don’t think it is feasible, not in the near future. Until we have that harmonised European army we have NATO protecting us.  I don’t know if the purpose of the army is to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching the EU. We need to increase the police force at the borders or where it is needed. Existing law enforcement can be used. I don’t think an army is needed to stop immigration. Borders need to be strengthened, boats turned back. If a European army is to be created, it will be for a completely different purpose, with the idea of defending Europe from the dangers that are threatening it, not necessarily for migrants.”

Rep: Why are Eastern European countries not attractive to migrants?

Adela Mîrza: “Eastern European countries are not attractive for migrants because they are also growing, emerging, not the paradise dreamed of by those coming from Africa. They don’t even want to stay in Spain or Italy. They want to go to France where there is a majority population similar to theirs. France has already begun to sabotage itself. It will be a totally different country than we know. Social policy is very lax.  France has a big problem right now. Migrants don’t want to stay in Eastern Europe because the countries here have nothing to offer them, and Eastern Europe is trying to catch up with Western countries.”

Rep: On the migration pact, who wins and who loses from this European pact?

Adela Mîrza: “The migration pact is a very bad measure. It needs to be rethought from the ground up. Europe certainly does not gain from this pact. Europe loses on all levels. The only exception is when these migrants can be selected as labour – where there is a need, and where there is a demand – yes. Otherwise NO, we are overwhelmed by a population migrating from one continent to another and not adding value. They need to be accommodated given social, medical assistance. For the EU this is a huge expense. First we have to save our Europe to be able to save others. The European migration pact does more than good. If we unconditionally accept immigrants into the EU, the economic repercussions will be disastrous in the medium and long term. What Mrs Merkel did was unspeakably stupid. She set Europe on fire by accepting millions of immigrants. This must stop urgently! Otherwise we will no longer have a Europe.