Behind the Attack on Vox Founder

Politics - November 17, 2023

A brutal political attack has hit Spain. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, who among the many roles he held during his political career was also founder in 2014 of Vox, vice-president of the European Parliament for 15 years and former president of the People’s Party of Catalonia, He was shot in the face in Núnez de Balboa Street, Madrid, where he usually parks his car.

The distance from which the bullet was fired was only two meters and hit Vidal-Quadras in the mandibular area with an entrance and exit wound. The modalities seem to be those typical of assassins.

A few hours later Santiago Abascal, current leader of Vox, explained: “Thank God Alejo Vidal-Quadras is out of danger of life”. Just a few minutes before the attack, the founder of Vox had published in X these words: “The infamous pact between Sánchez and Puigdemont that crushes the rule of law in Spain and puts an end to the separation of powers has already been agreed. Our nation will thus cease to be a liberal democracy and become a totalitarian tyranny. We Spaniards will not allow it”.

Immediate solidarity of the whole Ecr Group. In particular, the MEP and head of delegation of FDI Carlo Fidanza, in the national media, explained that from his point of view the goal was to strike. in the days of maximum tension on the Catalan question, “a symbol of the battle for national unity”. In fact, the former president of the Popular Party is Catalan but an irreducible opponent of those who would like Spain divided. It may, however, not be the only explanation. In the last quarter of a century man has always been very close to the Iranian resistance to freedom and profoundly opposed to the ayatollah regime. Without forgetting his clear position on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Also Fidanza, in light of his clear positions against Hamas and the regime that controls the Islamic Republic of Iran, has the fear that there may be behind Islamic fundamentalism. The Iranian Foreign Ministry had put the man on the blacklist of those who “support terrorism and the promotion of terrorist groups”.

This is also because of its known closeness to the struggle for the freedom of the Iranian people. The elected president of the National Council of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi, immediately expressed her solidarity with the man stressing the important role and closeness of the latter to their cause. For now, the only possible thing to do is to wait for the Spanish police to investigate and find the culprits so that they can find out who is behind them and what are the real causes that have led to such brutality. It was found burned a motorcycle very similar to the one with which the two terrorists tried to kill Vidal-Quadras. All that remains is for justice to be done. Europe needs to understand this first. In such an intricate, complex and violent international context, it is necessary for the Old Continent who is on its side and who is not.