CPAC, a great occasion for conservatives

Politics - March 7, 2023

It was 1974 when Ronald Reagan gave the inaugural speech at the Cpac, Conservative Political Action Conference, a political conference attended by all the main conservative activists and politicians. Although it was founded by the American Conservative Union and Ypung Americans for Freedom, it is a worldwide conference.

More than 18,000 people take part in the Cpac every year. Students, retirees, Conservative leaders, civil servants, personalities, journalists, activists, thinkers. All with conservatism at heart: not just in America but around the world.

Everything seems to be ready in Washington. From 1 to 4 March the city will be colored by conservatories. For the Republican party, this is a fundamental moment for outlining what the program to implement until the next presidential elections will be. 2024 is getting closer and closer. Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America and candidate in the Republican primaries and Nikky Haley, ambassador to the UN and also a candidate to try to run for president, confirmed their presence. The third name whose attendance has not yet been confirmed is the governor of Florida, Ron De Santis, the third participant in the run-up to the American presidency. Among the speakers there is also Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state.

Obviously there will be great attention towards the ECR Party’s delegation. In particular with regard to the Fratelli d’Italia who will go to Washington after winning the political elections in Italy on 25 September. More than a hundred days have passed since the beginning of Giorgia Meloni’s government and the good work of the Italian conservatives is represented by the fact that the degree of approval of Italian citizens towards this continues to grow day after day. Also for this reason, Fratelli d’Italia’s delegation is very large. The following will be present: Antonio Giordano, Secretary General of the ECR and deputy, the members of the European Parliament Nicola Procaccini, co-president of the ECR, and Carlo Fidanza. As for the deputies there will be: Manlio Messina, deputy group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Federico Mollicone, president of the Culture Commission, Mauro Rotelli, president of the Environment Commission, Gianluca Caramanna, group leader for Productive Activities, Fabio Roscani, president of Gioventù Nazionale and Fabio Pietrella, president of Confartigianato Moda and Andrea Di Giuseppe. Senators Elena Leonardi, Paola Ambrogio, Paolo Marcheschi and Simona Petrucci will also be present. Giorgia Meloni will not be present. The Italian Prime Minister will not be able to participate for institutional reasons.

Just last year, however, Giorgia Meloni spoke at the Cpac appointment in Florida, making one of the most applauded and appreciated speeches, managing to attract the eyes and attention of American politics to herself.

This is a great opportunity for the Fratelli d’Italia and for the Ecr Party to be able to consolidate, also in view of the next European elections, a constructive dialogue and consolidate the alliance with the GOP given the difficult times it has to face the West. Appointments of this kind are necessary to decide on a common policy to defend the roots of our civilization and to take important economic decisions that do no harm to Europe or the United States of America. The world seems to be splitting into two blocks again and the ghosts of the past are once again present. Also for this reason, events of this kind are fundamental. The ECR will be ready.