Disappointing inactivity by the Employment Commissioner

Politics - October 11, 2022

VOX Europe has evidenced an incredible lack of activity on behalf of the Von der Leyen Commission.  Based on the EU’s own data, the ECR Spanish delegation has approached Mr. Nicolas Schmit, the Commissioner for Employment, and he recognises not having any plan in mind.

At the beginning of the summer, more exactly on June 16, Eurostat published its indicators corresponding to 1H2022.

VOX Europe analysed them as they heavily impact the Spanish case; particularly, unemployment is out of control under the current left-wing government in Madrid.  Therefore, the Spanish delegation of ECR addressed three parliamentary questions to the European Commision, based on their data.

The underlying purpose is to control the Commission work, since their resources and bureaucracy needs to be justified; calling it efficient is probably utopical.

It has been the Vice-President of ECR Jorge Buxadé blowing the whistle.  If one observes the job vacancy rate in the different Member States, Spain comes last together with Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

According to Mr. Buxadé, the European Semester could be used in order to set milestones in order to counteract such a dangerous trend for the monetary and fiscal policy coordination.

However, Commissioner Schmit has responded that a 24% unemployment in 2030, as proposed by the socialist and communist executive in Madrid, is a sufficient target that the European Commission can well live with.

It is rather surprising to let the situation degrade in almost a decade without either short-term or medium term objectives, whatsoever.  On the other hand, it is quite probable that it will be for a different government, hopefully an ECR one, having to rebuild the catastrophe caused by the current responsible authorities – with the conformity of Mrs Von der Leyen team.

How the Luxembourgish socialist can be satisfied with one out of four employees without a job escapes our understanding.  Is this the 21st century Europe that federalists desire to impose on all of us?

But mediocrity does not stop there.  The ECR Vice-president raised a second concern for social reform, based on the Spanish example.  There, the left has created a so-called “discontinued fixed” labour contract, in order to falsify unemployment figures.  According to such new legal category, a terminated job relationship will rather deemed to be suspended, so even if no further salary is paid and no more activity is performed, the parties still remain engaged.

Mr. Schmit has confirmed being aware of such simulation.  It has served the Commission to assign European funds to Madrid, while withholding them to less complacent Member States.

And there is still a third source for our critique.  VOX Europe also raises their flag against the abuse some European countries exert over public employment, abusing temporary hiring plus a total lack of planification.  Sometimes, as for example in Spain, the case is so urgent that socialist and liberal parties can no longer cope with the situation that they have both created over the past decades.

The European Commission has been following this progression for over fifteen years now, albeit with no conclusion yet.  Mr. Buxadé has asked Mr. Schmit for sharing information or at least for a time horizon in terms of publication of such data collected by his team.

However, once more the Commissioner has denied any prevision on public employment.  If we were not already convinced that no further transfer of power in favour of the Brussels elite is wise at this point, the scandalous inactivity of this arrogant cryptocracy would prove again that the ECR principle of better management at national level is very right.