ECR Party Conference on the Family Starts in Dubrovnik

Culture - September 14, 2023

On the weekend from Thursday 14th September to Sunday 16th September, the ECR party has organised a new initiative concerning one of the central issues on today’s political agenda: the family.

It is for this reason that it was decided to organise the European Congress of Families, which will take place in one of Croatia’s most important cities, Dubrovnik. This event will be an important opportunity to discuss the positions that can be assumed to put the family back at the centre of the political debate, restoring to it the due attention that it has perhaps been denied for too long in Europe, above all because of a social and political context that is increasingly fluid and focused on other visions that are far more relevant for propaganda purposes and that attract greater easy consensus for the left.

The ECR party has always been very focused on the family issue and is committed to upholding their intrinsic values. Today, in the European context, we are dramatically witnessing a constant desire of the left to overturn those values and principles that have formed the basis of our societies, the rule of law and even the European project itself.

More and more, it is being adopted a language that refers to a certain mainstream ideology that in practice manipulates people’s minds and consciences, consequently also influencing EU policies and legislation itself.

In particular the Gender ideology has become increasingly popular. An ideology that is highly dangerous, as it denies biological and social reality and threatens the identity of citizens. And although this ideology passes itself off as an innovative and fairer ideology, in reality it only hits women, families and life itself in a heavy way.

The gravest element is the fact that this and similar ideologies are now not only part of the everyday life of citizens, but above all have the power to influence decision-making, thus compromising every aspect of our lives, from the most personal and private to the political and institutional.

The ongoing distortion of reality, which is increasingly being mystified, must be addressed seriously and swiftly, because it risks to make the European society dissolve itself and its values and principles from which it was itself born from the beginning.

This is precisely why ECR’s objectives include conducting a truthful debate on the foundational elements that form the backbone of healthy societies, namely the identity of the person, particularly women, and the role and identity of the family, as well as respect for life and human dignity. The Conservatives of Europe want to restore Europe’s founding values, and generate a proposal that overturns the ideological falsehoods that manipulate the human conscience.

Among the recent initiatives that have been taken in this direction, the one that took place on March 2022 deserves special attention. This is when a new political working group was created and called ‘Family and Life’, with the aim of seriously tackling the crisis of family values that is increasingly afflicting European and international society, which is also sadly causing the roots of our history and our community to be lost.

It is therefore clear that the issue of the family and its relevance within the whole of society is vital for the ECR Party, and it is precisely for this reason that this party wanted to organise an ad hoc initiative on this issue, in order to have a new and further opportunity to reaffirm the vitality of the family and the principles and values that are linked to it.

The initiative of the European Congress of Families in Dubrovnik foresees a very broad programme and will involve various authoritative political and civil society personalities, who will arrive on the Croatian island from all over Europe to share and listen to every idea and proposal that will emerge during those days.

Participants are scheduled to arrive on 14th September.

On 15th September, the conference will officially begin. At the end of the first day of work, the networking dinner will take place, as usual. As with every meeting organised by ECR Party, the importance of being able to exchange ideas and discuss some of the most important political issues in a relaxed setting represents that extra quid that makes experiences of this kind vital for building greater and more intense relations between conservatives from all over Europe, even and especially after the proceedings have ended.

Finally, on Saturday 16th September the conference will end after Farewell speeches. The day will end with free time, during which you will have the opportunity to visit the natural and historical wonders of the Croatian city.

During the weekend, all participants will have the opportunity to stay at the Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel, which is located on the peaceful Babin kuk peninsula, surrounded by lush vegetation and relaxing white pebble beaches, just 15 minutes from Dubrovnik’s old town.

This is a 4-star hotel and offers a unique blend of nature and state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to this there’s the possibility of an extraordinary gastronomic experience, as the Valamar Hotel offers a variety of gourmet restaurants with panoramic views of the Elaphite Islands.

The hotel also has many facilities, such as a spa with an indoor pool and exclusive V Level services. This is an hotel that will therefore allow participants to fully experience Croatia and make for an unforgettable weekend.

In terms of registration costs, it should be mentioned that the initiative was also realised thanks to funds from the European Parliament, which partially finances the realisation of this weekend’s event. Thanks to these funds, which the European Parliament makes available to European parties in order to further spread European culture and politics, Ecr Party decided to use the resources to the benefit of citizens who share the same conservative values, through the organisation of cultural and political events. As a result of this decision, the actual cost by those interested is reduced by a good 75% compared to the actual value of the experience.

Thus, the participation fee represents a sustainable cost for the experience to be had and the place to be visited, for anyone wishing to join the Dubrovnik initiative.

More specifically, for access to the main conference programme, accommodation for 2 nights (in a shared room) including breakfast, welcome cocktail, participation in the networking dinner and the various cultural activities, the rate is 190 euro per person. Anyone wishing a single room may have it at a cost of 310 euro.

The rate for anyone wishing to attend, again including everything mentioned above, but with the addition of two-way flights in economy class is 370 euros per person, with a shared room. Alternatively, for those who would like a single room, the price is 490 euros.

On the travel side, should an upgrade to business class be required, the additional cost is EUR 150. In addition, the price for an extra night, so the Saturday night, is 90 euros per person.

Participation in the event is subsequent to completing and sending the registration form available on the ECR Party website, on the page dedicated to the initiative.

For any further information, please send an email to [email protected].