ECR promotes Southern Europe from Calabria

Culture - June 4, 2024

The ECR Party is organising its next “European Culture Weekend” in Scilla (Calabria, Italy), to take place on 1-3 September.

Scilla, a 5,000 people town overlooking the Strait of Messina, is the traditional site of the six-dog-headed sea monster Scylla in Greek mythology.  This is in the origin of the idiom “between Scylla and Charybdis”, meaning a dilemma to choose between two great evils.

Scilla’s coastal district of Chianalea counts among the most beautiful small towns of historical interest in Italy.  Chianalea is widely known as the “small Venice of the South”, as its houses are directly built on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The event promotes the Mediterranean area within the European Union under the motto:  “When the South grows, Italy grows, Europe grows”.  It will focus on European transport, agriculture and territories policy, innovation in the health sector, Mediterranean policy and European opportunities for growth.

Travelling to Calabria will enable participants to address challenges and opportunities in European Union and national regulation, together with collaboration on commerce and transportation infrastructures, agriculture and health sector innovation.  Different European politicians across Member States will discuss over current topics with industry leaders and policy experts, amidst a splendid landscape and various historical landmarks.

On Friday 1 September, a visit is planned to the nearby National Museum of Magna Grecia, where the Bronzi di Riace statues are shown on display.  These are two full-size Greek bronzes of naked bearded warriors, cast in the fifth century BC, which were found by chance under the sea in 1972. Now considered one of the symbols of Calabria, they demonstrate a superb technical craftsmanship and exquisite artistic features.

A welcome dinner will be served at the Altafiumara Resort & Spa.  This hotel is one of the largest resorts in Southern Italy, nestled in the spectacular Costa Viola, a unique position that makes it not only perfect for relaxing, but also an ideal starting point for living an unforgettable experience while enjoying the event’s programme.  The Altafiumara offers a magnificent panorama, a dance of colours rather unique in the world, with the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands and the two active volcanoes in the background: Etna and Stromboli.

On Saturday 2 September, four different panels will respectively discuss European transport policy (strategic infrastructures and a bridge over the strait), agriculture in a green economy while enhancing territories, innovation through biotech to develop virtuous models in the medical/health field, and a Mediterranean policy for the Port of Gioia and the Tauro economic hub.  A networking dinner will follow on the Scilla seaside.

On Sunday 3 September, participants will go on a boat tour through Costa Viola, in order to meet with different stakeholders on the subject of fishery policy.  On the Viola coast, the former will admire Ruffo Castle – a 2,500 year old fortress rebuilt by the Normans and successively by the Dukes of Calabria, which impressively overlooks the beach.  On a seaward-facing terrace is the 1913 Scilla military lighthouse, an important aid to ships entering the Strait of Messina from the north.

Speakers include Italian Secretary of State for Justice Andrea Delmastro, Secretary for the Interior Wanda Ferro, Deputy Minister Undersecretary of State for Agriculture Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra, President of the Zes Calabria and Campania Area Giosy Romano, Fratelli d’Italia’s MPs Giovanni Donzelli and Antonio Giordano, MEPs Carlo Fidanza, Chiara Gemma, Denis Nesci, Nicola Procaccini, Vincenzo Sofo, and journalist Antonino Monteleone.

Source of image:  Turismo Reggio Calabria