Europa Viva 24

Politics - June 12, 2024

Europa Viva 24

The success of the convention organised by VOX and the ECR Party in Madrid on 17-19 May 2024 was resounding and has been echoed in the last European elections.

Without a doubt, the ECR Party demonstrated leadership, initiative and quality in the presentation, not only – it was very important – on the afternoon of Friday 17th, when dozens of leaders of European and American youth organisations, student organisations and trade unions demonstrated the vitality of patriotic and conservative forces on both continents, but also throughout the marathon day of the 18th, when politicians, intellectuals, activists, influencers, and conservative thinkers presented their views in panels of extraordinary quality.

It should not be forgotten that all of the European political leaders present at the event achieved good results in the European elections on 9 June.

Above all, Giorgia Meloni, Italian Prime Minister and President of the ECR Party, who won the elections in her country by a landslide, demonstrating leadership and, in turn, the strength of her coalition government.

Fidesz and Victor Orbán have also won the European elections in Hungary and Marine Le Pen with her Rassemblement in France. The result in France has even forced Macron to call legislative elections, given the collapse of the parties that support the current government.

But it does not stop there. Law and Justice has managed to recover a large part of the advantage obtained by the Civic Platform in the last general elections in Poland, VOX has obtained a 30% increase in seats and Chega, also present in Madrid at the VOX event, has obtained for the first time in its history representation in the European Parliament.

No one can think that twenty, forty or fifty years – depending on the country – of globalist and federalist inertia in European nations can be easily defeated. But the path taken by patriotic parties and movements all over Europe is the right one. Successful results, such as these European elections, will follow.

Undoubtedly, as VOX candidate in the European elections and vice-president of the ECR Party, Europa Viva 24, said yesterday, is a clear winner of the recent European elections.