European Culture Weekend- Accelerating the Conservative agenda for prosperity and freedom

Politics - April 5, 2023

ECR Party and all its members are meeting in the croatian city of Split from the 30th of March until the 2nd of April, for the “Accelerating the Conservative agenda for prosperity and freedom”

This event is a part of the latest initiative of the European Conservativs and Reformists Party “European Weekends”, which was realized to create an extraordinary moment for networking, learning and discovery in different and special venues of the European world.

The meeting which will be held in Croatia is a unique occasion for all the participants to discuss about the conservative programme that will be implemented in the following times and it also represents an important moment for the audience, that will have the chance to hear speakers of considerable prominence in the European political, cultural and social scene. Indeed, there will be a huge variety of numerous actors from civil and political society, professionals from the academic world, influential experts from the economic and financial world, and a high number of Members of European Parliament.

The event’s program is based on several in-depth panels that are intended to create a general and shared framework, which is supposed to create a common framework that allows a quicker actions of the conservatives in terms of liberty and prosperity, which are two main principles on which the ECR Party is funded. ECR strongly believes in liberty and growth, and it would like to widespread these ideas and advance them in Europe and in the world.

During the first day, it will be held the panel entitled “Croatia and the Euro the first effects of the currency change”, during which the orators will discuss about the challenges that the croatian country has faced with the introduction of the Euro and which are the problems that the croatian economy is continuing to struggle with.

Afterwards, there will be a discussion about the “Woke ideology”, which is priority to deal with in order to promote the equality and to contrast all the social injusticies. This phenomenon will also be investigated better in academic terms, but in combination to a moment of reflection that intends to focus on the deeper signficant of this ideology within the society.

On Saturday, three main panels are scheduled, and they will mainly see the intervention of different Memebers of European Parliament.

The first panel of the day is “Classical and Liberal Conservatism a way towards humane Prosperity”. A panel that intends to reiterate and discuss in depth the principles behind the conservatism in the light of the need to accelerate on the issue of prosperity, that should be shared and supported by all. Afterwards, there will be the “EU and National competencies: Defining the conservative line” panel, that represents the core of the discussion as intends to highlight the actions that the conservative world wants to in place in terms of competencies

Finally, the meeting ends with the panel “The Functioning of EU institutions and the evolving balance of

Powers”, which aims to focus on the importance of the European Insititutions and the process that led to a different settlement of powers among them and between them and the european citizens.

During the entire weekend, it was also planned to have moments thata allow participants to enjoy the natural and artistic beauty that Croatia offers, making this occasion a formative moment also from an artistic-cultural point of view.

This meeting represents a unique occasion of confrontation and debate among all souls within ECR Party, in which a synthesis of ideas will be arrived at in order to be able to cohesively and jointly carry out the actions.