Innovations in infrastructure, Agriculture and the Health Sector

Culture - November 25, 2023

After the resounding success of the concept, ECR Culture Weekends continue in one of the most important regions of European history. The party travels to Scilla, in Calabria, which the ancient Greeks would argue is the birthplace of Italy.

But the story goes even further. Inhabited since ancient times, Calabria shows evidence of settlements dating back to the Paleolithic era. Throughout its history, the region served as a home to diverse ancient tribes such as the Italiotes, Bruttii, and Oenotrians.

Nestled in the sun-kissed embrace of southern Italy, the region is a treasure trove of ancient wonders and historical landmarks waiting to be explored. And explored they will be, during our Culture Weekend. Participants will get the chance to travel through time as we wander the footsteps of civilizations that have left an indelible mark on who Europeans are today.

But the history and the awe-inspiring remnants of civilizations, including the all-mighty Roman Empire, are not the only thing that the ECR Party is offering. We gather here to tackle challenges and explore opportunities in European regulation and collaboration concerning commerce, transportation infrastructures, agriculture, and health sector innovation. During this event, European politicians will engage in discussions with industry leaders and policy experts, providing a deep informational dive into the latest topics.

Ranging from ministers and secretaries of state from the Italian government to leading members of the Conservative European family, the speakers will offer unique insights and answer questions from the public. Furthermore, the networking opportunities are great, as you will get the chance to engage in private discussions with the speakers and participants during an elegant gala dinner.

And because such an experience deserves the utmost conditions, Altafiumara Resort & Spa stands as a prominent host, gracefully built amidst the captivating beauty of Costa Viola. Its enchanting location not only offers an ideal spot for relaxation but also serves as a gateway to embracing an authentic Mediterranean experience.

The resort boasts breathtaking vistas, presenting a dance of colors that is unparalleled in the world. With the Aeolian Islands’ archipelago and the two active volcanoes, Etna and Stromboli, gracing the background, guests are treated to a panorama that leaves them in awe of nature’s wonders.

And while the prices of such an experience would generally be high, the fact that ECR Party’s event is partially funded by the European Parliament generates a unique opportunity to have it at extremely affordable prices. For more information on that matter, you are invited to check the official website of the party. We await you!