Italy-Egypt Collaboration to Promote Technical and Professional Training in Strategic Sectors

Trade and Economics - June 5, 2024


A Confindustria Delegation in Cairo to Start Educational Collaborations with Schools

Italy and Egypt have recently taken a significant step forward in promoting excellent technical and professional training in strategic sectors. During an institutional mission to Egypt, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Egyptian Minister of Technical Education, Reda Hegazy. This memorandum marks a strategic action aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and promoting the development of both countries.

The Mattei Plan for Africa has placed education at the centre of its agenda, and the meeting between ministers Valditara and Hegazy represents a concrete commitment to promote high-quality professional training. Valditara underlined the importance of developing excellent technical-professional paths in Egypt, in line with the needs of the Italian and Egyptian production system. The promotion of the Italian language is also fundamental to facilitate the acquisition of targeted technical skills and encourage closer integration between the two countries.

The Memorandum aims to strengthen collaboration between the Italian and Egyptian school systems, focusing on the training of Italian language teachers and exchanges of students and teachers. Using knowledge of the Italian language as a starting point, cooperation will focus on increasing the quality of training courses and mobility opportunities for students and those seeking employment. The aim is to consolidate the links between education and work, with particular attention to the energy, tourism, industry, mechatronics, textile, agri-food and health sectors.

A tangible example of this collaboration is the establishment of a new path at the Don Bosco Italian School in Cairo. This path involves 4 years of technical training followed by 2 years of specialization in collaboration with the ITS Academy Malignani of Udine. Egyptian students with a technical diploma will have the opportunity to enrol in these courses. The Ministry underlines that this Memorandum will not only encourage the learning and mobility for employment in Italy of young Egyptians already trained in the Italian language and culture, but will also support Italian and Egyptian companies operating in their respective countries.

In parallel with the signing of the Memorandum, a Confindustria delegation, led by the vice president for human capital Giovanni Brugnoli, is in Cairo to start training collaborations with local schools. Accompanied by various companies that invest in the country, this delegation visited Salesian schools and technical academies in order to intensify training partnerships. This effort is supported by an agreement signed between Confindustria and the FEI, the main industrial association in Egypt.

The collaboration between Italy and Egypt in the field of technical and professional training represents a significant step towards the socio-economic development of both countries. Through the sharing of knowledge and resources, it aims to ensure the emergence of a highly skilled workforce and fuel growth and innovation in key sectors. These efforts will not only strengthen bilateral ties but will also help promote stability and prosperity in the region as a whole.

The partnership between Italy and Egypt in the technical and professional training sector is a tangible example of how international cooperation can bring concrete benefits to both nations involved. The creation of excellent training courses and the implementation of student exchange programs and collaboration between educational institutions will contribute not only to bridging the gap between supply and demand of skills on the labour market, but also to promoting intercultural understanding and cohesion social. This partnership can pave the way for further investment opportunities and economic cooperation between businesses from the two countries, stimulating the creation of new innovative projects and initiatives.

Alessandro Fiorentino