Metaverse, future or soap bubble?

Science and Technology - March 15, 2023

The metaverse is a kind of virtual universe in which users can interact in fully immersive digital environments. With the advent of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, the metaverse has become an increasingly attractive idea for many technology enthusiasts.

But what is the future of the metaverse? There are many theories and speculations floating around, but in this article we will try to explore some of the possible directions in which it might develop.

One of the most obvious possibilities is that the metaverse will become larger and more populated. In other words, it could become a true digital universe, with billions of users interacting in virtual environments representing everything from work to social life.

Some experts have even suggested that the metaverse could replace the Internet as the main place where people interact and conduct their digital lives.

However, this vision of the future of the metaverse depends on broad public adoption, which in turn depends on the availability of accessible, high-quality technologies.

In other words, if the metaverse were to become the next big thing, it would need to be made accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy and technologically savvy.

Some large technology companies , Facebook in the lead with the change to META, have already invested millions of dollars in research and development of the metaverse, betting that it could become the future.

At the same time, even the likes of Adidas have already entered this virtual world, a world in which they are preparing to activate stores.

Still, what seemed like the world of the future, or at least that is how it was described, seems to be struggling to get off the ground, and the numerous layoffs made by Meta and the crisis related to cryptocurrencies attest to this.

Probably the main current limitation is, as mentioned above, in the limited accessibility, either because of cost or because of the technological capabilities needed, but probably the real cause of the slow progression can be attributed to a specific reason: the metaverse is not indispensable, on the contrary.

There are still many reasons why it could become the next great technological achievement, making significant changes to the way we interact digitally, and certainly sooner or later it will be the future of socia and communication.

At the moment it remains a wonderful, hypertechnological, video game.