Spain: VOX presents independent candidate in second vote of no-confidence against the socialist government

Politics - April 5, 2023

In December 2020, the Spanish Congress debated the first vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). VOX has been the only group in Parliament to use this constitutional mechanism in response to the ongoing scandals of Sanchez’s government. This month—once again—VOX moved for a vote of no-confidence to present an alternative candidate: Professor and economist Ramon Tamames, a key leader in Spain’s democratic transition.

Vox selected independent Tamames to send a message of harmony and unity. Candidate Tamames summed up the purpose of the vote of no-confidence as “an obligation to defend what is the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards”. Beyond Prime Minister Sanchez’s mockery at the vote’s lack of support, the Socialists and the right-wing Popular Party (PP) do not understand that this is not an politically-motivated whim. It is a moral battle to defend the Spanish nation and its interests.

Professor Tamames dissected Sánchez’s systematically perpetrated attacks on democratic principles and the rule of law. His speech reviewed every one of the embarrassments of the current socialist-communist coalition government, that should have garnered Sánchez his immediate removal from power. “Your government, Mr. Sánchez, does not respect the separation of powers,” said Tamames in response to the government’s assault of the General Council of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court. Tamames also recalled the submission and dependence of “this and previous governments” to the Basque and Catalonian pro-independence parties.

The speech also outlined the PSOE’s ongoing corruption case in the Canary Islands which allegedly involves numerous socialist legislators in drug and prostitution scandals, “the first time that such a thing has happened”. On identity politics and feminism, Tamames added: “They use women as if they were a bargaining chip. Today we have more rapes than before all this feminist wave.”

Santiago Abascal is the true leader of the opposition against the socialist government

Faced with such a display of common sense, the Government did not miss the opportunity to ridicule a situation that had nothing ridiculous about it. Falling into old and opportunistic stereotypes, Sánchez claimed that the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, “hated women”. Abascal only had to remind him that his ministers “are responsible” for taking liberties away from women and increasing gender-related violence because of their Trans and “sexual liberty” (“Sí es Sí”) laws. Abascal did not forget to remind Spaniards that the PP—the self-proclaimed “leader of the opposition”—“ prefers to agree with socialism”.

VOX remains the only party with the dignity to defend the best interests of Spain and its citizens. Fortunately, elections are right around the corner, and Spaniards will have the opportunity to throw out their Socialist government by themselves.