Time to accelerate the Conservative agenda

Culture - April 21, 2023

How should we deal with the left wing “woke” ideology? Can we define the conservative line in Europe more sharply, to win increased popular support?

During the last weekend in March, a ground-breaking conference on conservatism and culture will take place in Split, Croatia.

The theme is “European Culture Weekend – Accelerating the Conservative agenda for prosperity and freedom“.

A series of interesting talks will be given by several distinguished speakers with a background in politics, business and academia.

The way to humane prosperity

The differences and similarities between classical and liberal conservatism regarding the way toward humane prosperity will be discussed by Gary Kavanaghu, president of the Edmund Burke Foundation, and Barbara Kolm, vice president of the Austrian National Bank, Hannes Gissurarson, professor of political science at University of Iceland, and philosophy professor Goran Lojkic, at Zagreb Institute of Philosophy.

The session will be moderated by Antonio Giordano, ECR Party Secretary General.

Dealing with the “Woke” ideology

The left has abandoned its economic fight for a planned economy and socialism, to instead attack society’s norms and customs. More and more radical ideas are developed, such as that men should be able to consider themselves women and that biological facts do not determine who is a woman or a man.

How should conservatives respond to these strange, postmodern notions?

Questions like this will be discussed by philosophy professor Goran Lojkic, Zagreb Institute of Philosophy, Romanian politician Adela Mirza, Leader of the Right Alternative Party, and Croatian violinist Ladislav Ilcic, Member of European parliament.

Division between EU and national states

The question of how much power should be centralized to Brussels is always relevant. Has the development gone too far in the federal direction? Can national self-determination be strengthened or are we experiencing an inevitable trend towards more federalism?

The conference will discuss how to define a conservative line between EU and national competencies. The topic will be addressed by Rob Roos, MEP for the Netherlands and vice-chair of ECR, and Ylenja Lucaselli, member of the Italian parliament.

The related issue of EU institutions and the development of a balance of power will be discussed with Angel Dzhambazki, MEP for Bulgaria, and Ruza Tomasic, former MEP for Croatia.

The effects of joining euro

Croatia joined the euro zone as late as the beginning of this year, at 1 January 2023. How does the entry work? What are the challenges and opportunities? A panel with the vice chairwomen of the Austrian Central Bank Barbara Kolm and economy professor Neven Vidakovic, Zagreb University, will discuss the questions moderated by Croatian member of parliament Marko Milanovic Litre.

The organizer is European Conservatives and Reformists, ECR party, with the support of the European Parliament.