What the EU Agenda foresees for the next few weeks

Politics - June 6, 2023

The Appointments that Will See the European top Management Engaged in the Next Few Days are Various and Important

In recent weeks, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, President of the European Council, are engaged in high-profile events, including the Summit organized by the Icelandic Presidency of the Council of Europe, the G7 meeting in Japan and the Republic of Korea-EU summit in Seoul in late May.

The expectations relating to the three meetings of the European summits concern multiple and all very relevant issues, so much so as to establish a sort of agenda outlining the priorities. Among the topics in common between all three diplomatic summits, there is naturally that linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a united response is expected from all the nations consulted. The age-old topic of global decarbonization and relations, always very delicate, with China will also be discussed, never as important as in this period of strong geopolitical instability.

From the cities where the meetings will take place, the European Union will want to convey an incisive message on a global level, based on close collaboration between the various international partners and taking into consideration the absolute strategic importance of the values relevant for the old continent. During the first meeting, organized during the celebrations of the seventy-fourth year of existence of the Council of Europe, the first true European supranational institution since 1949 and always in favour of democracy, will be discussed about human rights and the search for solutions to European social problems, always keeping into strong consideration the cultural identity of the continent.

The war in Ukraine will inevitably be the guiding topic for each of the 46 member states including 27 from the European Union and they will together evaluate the current geopolitical situation in Europe with particular attention to the safeguarding of human rights and the state right, put to the test by the latest international events. The ecological issues related to climate change, digital innovation and migration will be dealt with and the objective of the Summit will be to reconfirm the common commitment to defend the historical values of the Council of Europe in the light also of the new threats to human rights and to democracy as it is happening in Ukraine after the wicked Russian invasion.

Another key topic of all the scheduled meetings will be the one related to the reconstruction of Ukraine, confirming the unconditional support as long as there is a need from all the Member States through the sending of weapons useful for the resistance and sustainable economic support and constant even beyond 2023 to ensure Kiev the resources necessary for a complete recovery. The European Community, with its representatives, will ask for help from all participating nations, about the relationship with Russia for a robust response to the hostile actions by the Kremlin. Europe will effectively support the creation of a dedicated tribunal to activate the sentences against Russia and bring to trial the culprits of the ongoing war. An international compensation structure will be developed for optimal management of the losses caused in Ukraine and for establishing a common reconstruction plan.

At the G7 meeting, to be held in Hiroshima, Japan, all EU representatives, together with France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, will try to take stock of the sanctions so far put in place to counter the Russian war action against Ukraine and a new package of sanctions will be discussed which will enter into force in a very short time. The difficult relationship between Europe and the United States with China will also be analysed, which has become fundamental for strengthening the alliance against the Russian invasion. The tour will end with a summit between the European Union and the Republic of Korea to celebrate the sixtieth year of diplomatic relations between the Union and the Asian state and will be an opportunity to reconfirm the already fruitful collaboration for common development.