When Italy grows, Europe grows

Culture - November 25, 2023

The ECR Party’s series of events continued with the fifth European Culture Weekend conference from the 1st to the 3rd of September in the beautiful Mediterranean setting of Scilla in Calabria, southern Italy.

As the title of the conference suggests: When the South grows, Italy grows, Europe grows, the topics to be discussed from a conservative perspective will be European transport infrastructure, the medical sector and the latest developments in this field, and last but not least, the challenges and opportunities of European regulation and trade collaboration today.

Calabria, which offers a beautiful Middle Eastern landscape to visitors, is known as an area of great interest from all points of view, but especially from a historical point of view, and is of major importance for both the past and the future of the European continent.

During the three days of the conference participants hosted by Altafiumara Resort & Spa which is one of the largest tourist resorts in southern Italy. From Altafiumara Resort conference participants can enjoy a magnificent view bathed in a dance of colours unique in the world. The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands and the two active volcanoes Etna and Stromboli complete the fairytale landscape of the area.

Also, the town of Scilla, perched on a promontory that slopes down to the sea, can be considered as one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Viola. The name Costa Viola was given to the area in ancient times, and it certainly represents the unique colour of the coastline at sunset when the cobalt-blue sea acquires deep hues as it reflects the light of the setting sun. From the top of the town, you can admire the view of the island of Sicily. The top tourist attraction of Scilla is Marina Grande beach, which opens onto the Strait of Messina, and offers tourists about 800 metres of sand making it one of the busiest beaches in the area during the summer months.

The first day of the conference will offer participants a visit to the National Museum of Magna Grecia and the Bronzi di Riace statues. Visit that will be completed with an aperitif on the terrace overlooking the city. Friday will end with a Welcome Dinner at the Altafiumara Resort.

European policy on transport, agriculture and territories, health innovation, Mediterranean policy and European growth opportunities will be debated by European councillors on Saturday in four panels.

Panel I: “European transport policy: Strategic infrastructures and Bridge over the Strait”.

Panel II: “Agriculture, Green economy and enhancement of Territories”.

Panel III: “Innovation, biotech to develop virtuous models in the medical and health field”

Panel IV: “Mediterranean Policy: Port of Gioia Tauro economic hub in the heart of Europe”.

Conclusions: “If the South grows, Italy grows, Europe grows”.

In the four modules of the debates the speakers will be:  Andrea Delmastro (Secretary of State for Justice), Giovanni Donzelli (MP, Responsible for Organisation FDI), Wanda Ferro (State Secretary for the Interior), Carlo Fidanza (MEP, Head of FDI delegation), Antonio Giordano (MP, Secretary General ECR Party), Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra (Deputy Minister Under Secretary of State for Agriculture), Antonino Monteleone (Journalist), Nello Musumeci (Minister of Civil Defence and Marine Policy), Denis Nesci (MEP), Nicola Procaccini (MEP, co-Chairman of the ECR Group), Giosy Romano (President of the Zes Calabria and Campania Area), Vincenzo Sofo (MEP).

The event in Scilla organised by ECR Party will end on Sunday with a cruise on the Costa Viola and a Meeting with stakeholders on Fishery Policies. We also recall that the “European Culture Weekend” project is partly funded by the European Parliament.