Will the Left’s Smear Campaign Stop a Conservative Wave?

Politics - March 18, 2024

In most countries, the parties on the left are afraid of losing the European Parliament elections. They lack policies that voters are attracted to, so they resort to dirty attacks on the conservatives who are growing in popular opinion.

Everywhere, left-wing academics and left-wing organizations are now spreading horror stories about how terrible it would be if conservatives, or right-wing extremists as they wrongly call various new and growing parties in several European countries.

Ghosts in broad daylight

It almost seems to be organized. Left-wing actors in different countries present exactly the same message: If conservatives win the elections to the European Parliament, women’s equality will be threatened and minorities will lose their rights.

To pick one article out of the pile, Politico interviews feminist activists from European Women’s Lobby who argue that a conservative gains would mean watering down or scrapping important rights, such as anti-discrimination laws and gender equality laws.

An example is said to be Spain’s new national conservative political party Vox, which is involved in governing at local and regional level in the country. Departments within the public sector that work to promote equality have been cut and the focus on gender-based violence or LGBTQ+ rights has decreased.

Italy’s conservative coalition government has been criticized from the left for cutting funding to programs to combat gender-based violence, claims the feminist activist.

Academics, such as Gabriele Abels of the University of Tübingen, are interviewed and air their personal views that the EU’s progress could be threatened by a conservative-oriented European Parliament that could gradually erode women’s rights instead of directly attacking them.

Other academics disseminate “studies” that show that the voters who usually vote for Center-Right parties’ distance themselves from them, if they were to start cooperating with national conservative parties in the European Parliament.

Just smearing, never substantive political debate

I recognize this from the Swedish election campaign 2022, when left-wing parties and left-wing media did everything they could to prevent Center-Right parties (EPP / RE) from cooperating with the Sweden Democrats (ECR). They painted horror scenarios about what could happen: Everything good in the country would be destroyed.

Yes, the Social Democrats’ party leadership – with the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Minister of the Interior – even held a serious press conference a week before election day to talk about the Sweden Democrats as a threat to the security of the kingdom. It was really serious, they said with grim expressions.

Everyone understood what a parody this was, as the first question from the journalists was: Have you reported this to the Security Police? The answer was: “no”.

Left parties want to label the emerging conservative movement as the devil’s invention. But it didn’t work because the Swedish people didn’t buy the line of thinking. And hopefully it won’t work on other European voters before the elections in June.

Empty barrels

There is an expression called: “Empty barrels make the most noise”. That is how one should interpret all the committed and hate-filled attacks of the left. They have no policy of their own to offer the electorate.

They have no policies that are attractive to voters. And they know it. Therefore, the most effective way to conduct an election campaign is to attack the opponents. Not because of what they think, but because they are inherently evil. They are reprehensible as people and parties.

Only by demonizing the opponents can they frantically try to retain voters on election day.

Anything other than woke is considered unacceptable

But if we take the allegations seriously? What has the Spanish Vox done that is so terrible? Well, they defend the family. They defend what has been true throughout history: that there are two sexes. That a biological man can never be a woman.

When it comes to putting money into different projects, it’s a constant question of priorities. If conservative parties invest in the core activities of the public sector – making sure that hospitals and infrastructure work – instead of spending money on ideology production, it is seen as evil and as wanting to reduce women’s rights. But it’s just a chimera.

If healthcare (where many women work) gets more resources and communicators (who only produce paper and talk) get less money, from a conservative perspective it is something good and desirable. But for the left, it is the symbols of activities that are most important, not the realities.

Actually, the left is outraged that conservatives dare to challenge woke, radical post-modernism and its impoverishment of language and norms.

Herein lies the real struggle. It’s just a shame that the left doesn’t dare to take it straight, but tries to avoid factual debate in order to try to demonize its opponents.

Voters have to see through this spectacle before the European Parliament elections.