Adela Mîrza: If We Don’t Defend Eastern Borders Then No Future for Europe

Ukrainian War - Our democracies in danger - April 2, 2024

During the European Culture Weekend Cyprus, a conference organised by the ECR Party in Nicosia on 29-31 March, a topical and sensitive issue for the whole of Europe was discussed. It was about the security of the borders of the EU Member States bordering the Mediterranean Sea basin in the face of the increasing influx of migrants who, risking their lives, sail hundreds of kilometres in improvised boats in search of a better life in the European Union. 

The panel discussing strategic opportunities for security in the Mediterranean and Europe’s eastern border was moderated by Italian MP Lavinia Mennuni. It has been known for years that tens of thousands of migrants from the East and Africa pass through the Mediterranean, Europe’s southern border. At the same time, we must not forget the eastern border, to which Russia is moving ever closer.  The four panel speakers were: Pavel Žáček (Chairman of Security Committee, Czechia), Linos Papagiannis (Member of Parliament, Cyprus), Adela Mîrza (President of Alternativa Dreaptă Party, Romania), Raz Granot (Deputy Director General, Israel Export Institute, Israel) and Sotiris Ioannou (Member of Parliament, Cyprus).

A state without borders is not a state


Adela Mîrza, president of the Alternativa Dreaptă Party, the only party in Romania affiliated to the ECR group, mentioned in her speech an extremely important point regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a conflict that is raging on the eastern border of Europe. In Romania, a country on the eastern border of the European Union, the threats of the Russian Federation to European democracy are threats that come both directly from outside and from within through the poorly paid ideas of the leaders of the pro-Russian extremist parties. 

“This is my first time here and I am happy to be here in Cyprus. I was thinking that we Christians are celebrating Catholic Easter tomorrow. We all have Christian roots and Jesus was born in Israel so if we still want to have Christian roots from there we should embrace and support the state of our Jewish brothers and the state of Israel. When it comes to embracing and defending our values, I must state that a state without borders is not a state.  I come from a country that has throughout history encountered the “benefits” of a Russian neighborhood. We still have very painful memories in this regard from the last time the Russians came to my country. The Ukrainian war is a wake-up call for everyone. We should strengthen and secure the borders of Southeast Europe. I know that in Europe we have many problems with migrants and with the security of the southern borders. I am speaking on my own behalf, but also on behalf of the whole of Romania. If we don’t protect our eastern borders and, thank God because Ukraine is between us and Russia, if we don’t protect our eastern borders we will have no future for Europe, said Adela Mîrza. 

Revitalising the military industry – the only way to stop the “big bear in the east”

The chair of the Alternativa Dreaptă Party said in her speech that in the event of a Russian victory in the conflict with Ukraine, the Black Sea would most likely become a large Russian lake. 

“If the Tsar from the East passes through Ukraine we will be next and the Black Sea will most likely become a Russian lake. It has already started. Vladimir Putin is doing what he does best: killing his opponents, killing democracy, threatening neighbouring countries. My country is no exception. There’s this sad joke: “In Russia you can’t elect your relatives and your president.”   Just recently, the newly elected Kremlin regime has started to directly threaten our country. If until now it was, you know, a little discreet, now Russia is making direct threats against my country. That is why NATO’s presence in the Black Sea region is imperative. We take these threats very seriously and so should Europe. The Black Sea region provides security in the area and on Europe’s eastern border. We should also strengthen our defence capabilities and we should revitalise our military industry. This is the only way to stop the “big bear from the east” if it wants to invade Europe, said Adela Mîrza, president of the Alternativa Dreaptă Party.