Alice Becomes First Voice Actress with Down Syndrome in Italy

Culture - June 5, 2024


The girl also studies advertising graphics and is a great example of the inclusion perpetrated by the new italian world of jobs.

Alice Gennaro is a young 20-year-old woman who lives an extraordinary life full of challenges, demonstrating to the whole world that Down syndrome is never an obstacle to realizing one’s dreams and achieving great goals. Born in Prato, she successfully attended the last year of the Marconi Professional Institute, specializing in advertising graphics. But her life is much more than study: she is a fervent enthusiast of contemporary dance and swimming, activities that she practices with dedication and passion. Her day is filled with sounds and rhythms, between the notes of her favorite music and the exciting plots of American TV series, which she follows enthusiastically on social media, where she shares selfies and moments of daily life on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

However, there is an aspect of Alice’s life that makes her unique in the Italian scene: she is the first voice actress with Down syndrome in the country. Her voice gave life to the protagonist of the Spanish film “Valentina”, winner of the prestigious Goya award for best animated film in 2022. The character of Valentina, played by a little girl with Down syndrome, found her authentic voice through Alice. This extraordinary opportunity was born on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, celebrated on 21 March each year, when the film was adapted for the Italian public thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Association of Down Syndrome, of which Alice is an active member in the Prato office.

The dubbing experience was an exciting and rewarding adventure for Alice, although not without its challenges. “It was fantastic to give voice to Valentina because Valentina is nice and joyful. Sometimes it was difficult, but I managed”, says Alice proudly. Her mother, Simona Becheri, also shares her daughter’s enthusiasm and reveals the sacrifices that accompanied this unique experience: “For a week she worked in Rome in the dubbing room: she worked three-hour shifts in the morning and in the afternoon she had to relax because he had given so much. But he literally threw me and his father out of the room because he didn’t want us.” The bond between Alice and the character of Valentina goes beyond simple dubbing: both are women who face challenges with courage and determination. Alice has big dreams and ambitions for her future. “Being a star, a singer, or a photo model for luxury brands. Now I’ve discovered she-she explains-she that I also like doing dubbing.”

Alice’s talent and determination did not go unnoticed: the Minister for Disabilities, Alessandra Locatelli, praised Alice and all those who contributed to the success of the film. The recognition of the importance of Alice’s work and her ability to overcome challenges is a message of inclusion and acceptance that resonates throughout Italy. The presentation of the film “Valentina” at the Casa del Cinema in Rome was an emotional moment for all those who worked hard to bring this story to the big screen.

Simona Becheri, Alice’s mother, describes her daughter as a person full of life and eager to connect with her peers. Despite her natural inclination towards fashionable clothing and pop icons, Alice is also aware of the challenges that her Down syndrome can present, especially in terms of personal relationships. She dreams of finding love and becoming a mother one day, with the names of her future daughters, Meg and Anna, already in mind. However, she is confronted with the reality of a society that does not always fully understand her aspirations and desires, although in positive evolution compared to past decades.

Despite her challenges and uncertainties, Alice faces life with determination and faith in the future. Her story is a story of courage, love and hope, inspiring not only those with Down syndrome, but anyone who faces obstacles along their path. With her talent and determination, Alice proves that there are no limits to the realization of dreams, and that every voice, regardless of circumstances, deserves to be heard and celebrated, in Italy, as well as in the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.