Court of Auditors, in First Half of the Year Italian RRNP Implementation Is in Line

Politics - May 16, 2024

In the first half of 2024 the implementation process relalative to the NRP is proceeding in accordance with planning.
Certifying it this time is not the Italian government but is the Court of Auditors, in its semi-annual report on the Plan.
The accounting magistrates from Viale Mazzini, in addition to certifying its proper progress, also say that positive signs are emerging from a more comprehensive analysis of the Plan.
Thus comes from the authoritative public expenditure control body further confirmation of the government’s work, thus silencing unfounded criticisms and alarms, artfully raised by the opposition and ridden by certain friendly press.
In fact, the Court of Auditors, on the basis of the mid-March surveys, recorded a general trend in line with what was expected, with a low percentage of high criticalities, noting how “positive signals also come from a more comprehensive examination of the plan: there are only 15 investments for which the titular Administrations have reported to the Court particular implementation difficulties (7 percent of the measures to be completed). In all cases, the necessary corrective actions have been identified or already initiated, of which the Court hopes for timely implementation,” and that the “European objectives due at the end of 2023 have all been achieved systemically and the progress results of those with national relevance are equally high (achievement rate at 84 percent).”
The report states how “The concrete implementation of investments and reforms, as measured by the results achieved by the target indicators associated with the measures, shows an average rate of progress of 37 percent with respect to the final quantitative targets, a result consistent the stage the Plan is currently at.”
More than positive is also the assessment of Repowe Eu, the chapter dedicated to climate and solutions to cope with emergencies related to it, the court in fact notes as “positive the use of direct incentive to enterprises, both for the guarantee of expenditure that this type of instrument offers, and for the recognition of the direct role they play in the transition process.”
The most relevant results of government actions related to the implementation of the plan are those related to the hiring of work units, as also noted by Istat and Inps in recent days, and the implementation of measures to reduce gender and generational gaps, noting that ” the distribution of projects already funded (28.3 billion, about 68.5 percent of available resources) is responsive to the needs of the territories, with a greater concentration in the South, where gender and intergenerational gaps are higher.”
More backward, however, is the part of implementations related to infrastructure, something, moreover, widely anticipated by the government, which, aware of the bureaucratic problems first and foremost and the technical difficulties, predicted the full achievement of this part of the plan in 2025.
And while the oppositions remain silent in the face of this new success of the Italian government, the majority parties give ample emphasis with just satisfaction to the report of the Court of Auditors
Nor does the House Group Leader of Fratelli d’Italia Tommaso Foti forget the useless scaremongering of the past months, who with satisfaction declares how the “catastrophist predictions of Pd and M5s” have been “Demolished,” and how “We can only express satisfaction with the Semiannual Report on the NRP published by the Corte dei Conti, according to which the implementation in the first half of 2024 is in line with the planned schedule. The important work carried out by the government, in a fruitful and intense collaboration with Minister Fitto, is strengthening administrative procedures, fostering a significant impulse to investments and reforms. In this direction, NRP resources increase by 2.9 billion to a total of 194.4 billion, with additional spending on new projects of 13.5 billion. These results, in addition to the recent ratings from rating agencies, demolish the catastrophic predictions of the usual opposition Pd and M5S license plates and confirm,” the Group Leader concluded, “the institutions’ commitment to achieving the goals of growth and sustainable development for Italy.
A new positive result then for the Giorgia Meloni-led government, which also strengthens its credibility in the European arena just on the eve of elections that could see the birth of a center-right-driven European Union.