Spanish Elections for a New European Wind

Uncategorized - November 25, 2023

Will a fresh right-wing wind refresh Spain after a hot summer election campaign? After a resounding defeat received last May after the elections for the renewal of the parliaments of 12 autonomous communities and the municipal administrations of over 8 thousand municipalities, Pedro Sànchez, president of the Spanish government and leader of the PSOE party, has called for new elections. A necessary move since about a couple of months ago went to vote as many as 64% of the Spanish population, or 35.4 million voters. The Partido Popular (PP) is the first Spanish party and received 7,046,634 votes, in percentage 31.5%. The PSOE took 6,288,907 votes equivalent to 28.1%, third, finally, Vox with 1,608,187 votes, 7.1%. Numbers that allowed the PP-Vox alliance to rule, together or alone in much of Spain. The change of pace is clear, the socialists have lost almost everywhere. Even in their historic strongholds like Seville. The PP and Vox have reached agreement to form a coalition in 6 regions. At the municipal level, Vox gained government responsibilities in 140 of the nearly 1,000 municipal councils in which he was represented in the last elections. Some provincial capitals stand out, such as Valladolid, Burgos, Guadalajara, Toledo, Huelva and Ciudad Real.

The general election

The results, as mentioned above, have resulted in the resignation of Pedro Sanchez as head of government. The vote is next Sunday and the Spanish centre-right coalition formed by PP and Vox seems to be in clear advantage, according to the polls, compared to the PSOE socialists. Most surveys give the Partido Popular 34% of the vote, 6 points ahead of the socialists. Coupled with Vox could reach 48% of the vote, a percentage useful to manage to govern and get 176 seats in parliament. In the televised confrontation between Feijo, leader PP, and Sanchèz, leader of the socialists, against all odds, given the greater experience of Sanchèz in certain situations, it was the leader of the PP who emerged victorious and gained even more support. If the first two places seem now outlined, it is open war for the third place between Vox and Sumar. The latter is a leftist electoral alliance of which Unidas Podemos, the former communists of Izquierda Unida, are part, consisting of groups such as Más Madrid, En comú, Compromis, feminist groups, the Greens and various civil society movements.

Vox is ready to give battle and make a great result. The themes on which he managed to build a strong attention and consensus are: Spanish identity, migrants and incorruptible values such as life and nature and food sovereignty. To discuss the latter, Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, and Francesco Lollobrigida, Italian Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty met. The intention is to defend farmers, farmers, fishermen and consumers from synthetic food produced in the laboratory. This is “to protect the primary sector, curb desertification and depopulation, stop the huge business that multinationals, high-tech giants and green lobbies want to do at the expense of citizens’ health,” explained Abascal.

The relationship between Vox and Fratelli d’Italia

Not only about food sovereignty but on many other points of his program, Vox finds a great ally in Italy with Fratelli d’Italia. The esteem between the two leaders Santiago Abascal and Giorgia Meloni, now president of the Italian Council, has never been a mystery. Just a few days ago on the occasion of an electoral event in Valencia of Vox, Giorgia Meloni was connected by video from Rome, who, in addition to thanking for the invitation received and apologizing for not being there in person, said: “I am very happy to be able to contribute to Vox’s election campaign and demonstrate once again the great friendship that unites the Italian and Spanish patriots of Vox, who united are a fundamental part of the conservative family”. President Meloni also congratulated the militants of Vox for the results of the party obtained at the last regional and municipal elections in Spain, for the growth of votes and because now Vox is present in numerous regional councils. He concluded his speech by wishing the alliance between the PP and Vox in the hope that the party led by Abascal can have a central role in the next Spanish government. “I hope Vox will play an important role in the next government, the time of the patriots has come. In Italy, in the Czech Republic, we have made it clear that we can govern and now your victory can give impetus to the whole of Europe”, concluded the leader of Fratelli d’Italia.

The situation ahead of the next European elections

The 2024 European elections are the event of the year. From here we will understand what kind of Europe we will have for the next five years. In such a complicated political period from an international point of view, it is essential to return to being central to the global arena. Until today, that has not been the case. On the contrary, we found ourselves in a European Union engaged in squabbling over minor issues and embroiled in terrible political scandals. The Spanish situation is emblematic of what could happen in the future.

In case of victory of the right, it would be yet another country where a new and conservative wind blows. The European elections of 2024 are approaching and the possibility of a change of pace in Europe is very likely. In Italy Fratelli d’Italia leads the government of the nation. In Finland, after three months of negotiations, the True Finns’ party reached an agreement with the Kokoomus. In Sweden, the ECR Party of Swedish Democrats received 20% of the vote and is the second largest national force. In Spain Vox, could get to the Spanish government along with the PP. Likely scenario if the polls were confirmed. In addition, Vox and PP rule together in many Spanish regions. In Hungary and Poland, it has ruled the right for some time. While on the left the usual complaint has already begun that if the European Union is successful in the next European elections, on the right we are working to achieve a great result and to make the European Union a protagonist. For a people’s Europe that is truly a protagonist in the political, economic and geopolitical context and not for a Europe that is quarrelling and increasingly crushed among the other world powers.