VOX in the European Elections: Top Ten Candidates at a Glance

European Elections - May 10, 2024

The European Union political landscape is characterized by a multitude of voices and actors seeking to represent the interests of their respective countries and citizens in the European Parliament. In this line, we find the upcoming June 9th as an important milestone in the European political calendar, with the celebration of the elections that will determine the composition of the European Parliament.

In this context of anticipation and debate, the parliamentary party VOX presents a list of sixty-one candidates who aspire to represent the interests of Spain at the European level. These candidates, with diverse profiles and solid professional trajectories, position themselves as an emerging force with the potential to influence the course of continental political events.

At the top of the VOX list, we find Jorge Buxadé Villalba, a jurist with a long career, whose profile stands out for his experience in the legal field and his commitment to defending national sovereignty. Buxadé has been a prominent figure in the parliamentary sphere, both in the Congress of Deputies and in the European Parliament, where he has advocated for Spain’s interests and defended a strong and cohesive Europe.

Alongside him is Hermann Leopoldo Tertsch y del Valle de Lersundi, a journalist and politician with a long career in the fields of communication and politics. Tertsch has been a critical voice against ideological impositions and has advocated for a Europe based on traditional values and the defense of freedom.

Completing the initial trio is Juan Carlos Girauta Vidal, a multifaceted intellectual who has excelled in both political and cultural and academic spheres. Girauta, known for his staunch defense of democracy and rejection of extremism, brings a pragmatic and constructive vision to the VOX list.

But the VOX list does not stop at the known figures. Among the top ten candidates, we also find new faces such as Mireia Borrás Pavón and Margarita de la Pisa Carrión, both with solid professional profiles and a firm commitment to the values represented by the party.

Borrás, with experience in the economic field and consultancy, brings a pragmatic and technical approach to European politics, while De la Pisa, with her background in pharmacy and dedication to social projects, represents the most humanistic and committed face of VOX.

Another notable name on the list is Jorge Martín Frías, director of the Disenso Foundation and an expert in political communication. Martín Frías brings a strategic vision and analytical capacity that can be crucial in the current European context.

Pedro Narro Sánchez, with his experience in the agricultural sector and his career in Brussels, represents the interests of a key sector for the Spanish and European economy. His knowledge of the functioning of European institutions and his ability to negotiate and defend agricultural interests will undoubtedly be an important asset for VOX in the European Parliament.

Marcela Reigía Vales, a lawyer specializing in business law, and Alonso de Mendoza Asensi, Communication Manager of VOX in the European Parliament, complete the list of the top ten candidates. Both bring experience and specific knowledge that can be valuable in the legislative and representative work of VOX in Europe.

Closing the list is Amaia Martínez Grisaleña, a journalist with experience in the business field who has made the leap into politics in search of new ways to contribute to the development of her community.

VOX’s list for the European elections on June 9th presents a diverse and solid set of candidates, with varied professional profiles and trajectories but united by the same commitment: to defend the interests of Spain and work for a strong and united Europe.