AI as Opportunity for Growth, Prosperity, and Advancement

ECR Party Europa Viva Conference - May 21, 2024

Spanish party VOX together with ECR Party has celebrated this past weeekend the rally “Europa Viva 24”, a political convention that took place in the Palacio de Vistalegre, Madrid. Multiple distinguished figures from the conservative political sphere, such as Argentinian President, Javier Milei or the President of the french Rassemblement Nationale, Marine Le Pen, attended the act.

The event covered diverse topics, such as illegal immigracion, the Judeo-Christian heritage regarding the tourism, the opportunities and risks in the development of artificial intelligence, or the challenges regarding sustainability and green energy.

The AI presents, as stated by the European Conservatives and Reformists, an unparallel opportunity for growth, prosperity, and advancement. The panel, remarked the use of AI with wisdom, ensuring that serves humanity and if it is put into good use. The ponents that took part on this panel were, Pavel Zacek, Member of Parliament in the Czech Republic; Marta Schifone, Member of Parliament in Italy; Lord Callanan, Under Secretary of State for Energy from the Conservative Party in the UK; and Aurelijus Veryga, Member of Parliament in Lithuania.

Marta Schifone, shared her perspective regarding the AI development, stating that nowadays we are living in a context defined as the “4th Industrial revolution”, specially concerning the digital and technological spheres. The parliamentary member had a particular approach on how this change and evolution perceived because of the AI development can have a direct impact on the labor market.

It was also taken into consideration during this panel how AI comes with risks, but also with opportunities, and should be looked at with a very watchful eye. Those in charge of making laws face extremely difficult issues regarding this subject since they cannot elaborate the legislation on this topic due the rapid change seen in the process, the impact the AI has, is so fast paced that the legislators cannot reach the final law in time. So, to attend this matter, legislators and rulers must establish and work with guidelines and rules of principle, stated Marta Schifone. She then continued reassuring that it is important to not loose human capital out of sight, in the sense that a machine could never completely substitute a human.

The next matter on AI, following her intervention, referred to the risks that come with the implementation of AI, and how a control must be executed over these. Nevertheless, it is important to recall how the benefits from this can be enormous, especially in the energy sector and its development. We have gone from a cabled based energy system, as a mean to provide electricity to households, to a much more distributed energy provision, supplied by different sources, such as solar panels or wind farms. So, to manage this equal distribution of electricity, and stablish the regulation of these tariffs, AI could come into effect.

Aurelijus Veryga covered during his intervention the use of AI in the medical scene, comparing the AI with the medicine itself. A proper use of medicine can help and safe us, while if used on a contradictory way, it can kill us. Same thing can happen with the use of AI. However, he did highlight that “It is important to understand the power of AI, who is behind the sources provided by different AI platforms, such as ChatGPT”.

On the last section of the panel, legal liability of AI was discussed. The speakers shared that it is something very difficult to manage, since when using AI we assign liability to a third party that is not a legal entity, and this may entail an enormous problem. On this topic, Veryga assured that “we are in a very early stage to have final conclusions”.

The speakers agreed that AI can provide enormous opportunities and serve as a time-saving approach, as certain tasks can be performed just as well by machines and technology as by humans. However, they emphasized not losing sight of the unique contributions humans bring to the table, acknowledging that some aspects are irreplaceable. Additionally, they affirmed the importance of maintaining control and ensuring that AI operates within controlled boundaries.