ECR Will Participate at World’s Leading Event for Conservatories

Politics - March 7, 2023

From 28 February to 5 March, the Conservative Party of Europe will Take Part in the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual event that brings together members of the Republican Party of the United States of America and all the main figures of conservative parties from other countries, including those from Europe represented by the European Conservative Party, to discuss political issues highlights of the year and coordinate policy efforts for the future.

CPAC will take place from February 28 to March 5 and was organized by the American Conservative Union (ACU), an organization founded in 1964. The first conference was organized by a group of conservatives who wanted to create an association that could represent their ideas and their vision for America. Over the years, the conference has grown in importance and has become a major political rally for the Republican Party and all conservative parties around the world. During the CPAC, participants, including the delegation organized by ECR, have the opportunity to participate in speeches, discussion panels, workshops and meetings with important political figures of the Republican party with whom to share projects and political intentions for the future.

The Conservative Political Action Conference has become a platform for conservative and Republican discussions and ideas, through which attendees can learn and share ideas with other party members. This event is also an opportunity for members of the Republican Party to discuss with each other in view of future US election events and possibly take a cue from the ideas presented by colleagues from other countries.

During the CPAC, the most important political issues of the last year will be addressed, including the defence of constitutional rights, immigration and related national security, foreign policy, especially with reference to the events related to the war in Ukraine, the reduction of taxes, the solutions for the raise of public spending, health care with a particular focus on the Covid pandemic still ongoing in some countries, energy and the possibility of studying and evaluating the new available sources of it.

The main guests of the conference will be, as in other years, the current leader of the Republican Party as well as political analysts, journalists and other public figures who have distinguished themselves for their conservative ideas both in the United States and in Europe.

All the participants of the conference have always had a high public profile, as well as a purely political one and the delegation of the European Conservative Party will, of course, rise to the occasion. In recent years, then, the ACU has taken exemplary measures to remove extremist associations from the conference and maintain its untouchable reputation as a serious and respectable political platform. Any organization linked to extremist fringes will be banned from the conference in the name of legality and the ethical and moral integrity of the organizational bodies.

The CPAC has become a very popular event among young Conservatives from around the world, especially in Europe and the conference will provide many opportunities for involved young people to meet other Conservatives and discuss their ideas, paving the way for new leaders of the future, such as already happened in the past. This will give Europe’s young conservatives the opportunity to participate in the world’s leading conference on conservative party politics, gaining experience that will prove crucial in shaping Europe’s future realities.

In past editions, one of the most important moments of the Conservative Political Action Conference consisted in the proclamation of the Republican candidate who had garnered the most support during the event, so as to become the Republican reference point towards the elections for the presidency of the United States. The 2021 CPAC, for example, was attended by many leaders of the Republican Party, including former President Donald Trump who, during his speech, spoke about his past presidency, the policies of the Republican Party and his vision for the future of the party by attracting the attention of conservatives worldwide and leading to many discussions on the future of the Republican Party itself, in the name of constructive confrontation.

The 2023 CPAC will be held in Washington, the capital of the United States and no place could ever be more evocative to discuss the future of the American Republican party and for the conservative parties in Europe, represented by the ECR delegation. The Conservative Political Action Conference can be considered to all intents and purposes the main discussion event for all Conservative parties in the world


Alessandro Fiorentino