“Europa Viva” Is More Than Just Hope

ECR Party Europa Viva Conference - May 13, 2024

In Madrid the next ECR Party event you don’t want to miss.

As the European elections draw closer, Vox (ECR) is gearing up to make its mark and so is the ECR Party. With its representatives gathering in Madrid from May 7th – 9th for a national demonstration named “Viva“, the Spanish party is set to present itself under the European guise and launch its challenge with the slogan “Europe Viva“. With a strong and passionate campaign, Vox is poised to make waves across Europe and capture the hearts of voters who are looking for change. As the party’s message spreads far and wide, it will be exciting to see its impact on the upcoming elections.

On this occasion, the European Conservative and Reformist Party has thus decided to organize its event to make its contribution in terms of participation, sharing, and in-depth analysis. The program, spread over three days, will address the deepest roots of the ECR’s identity, starting with a visit to Toledo, a city where Christian, Muslim, and Jewish cultures coexist. Friday will then continue with the first international meeting of the youth movements of the ECR Parties, in which the young generations will have the opportunity to meet to gather needs and experiences and launch their generational challenge.

Hundreds of young people are expected from all over Europe, with a heterogeneous delegation from South America where, on the one hand, the attention to the European conservative phenomenon is increasingly growing, on the other, the wound of socialism and communism is still dramatically alive resulting in cases of political violence still being recorded today.

The program, which can be consulted on the ECR Party website, is as always full of events. On Saturday 18 May, after a guided tour that will take participants to discover the City of Madrid, a full series of panels will take place: we will talk about strategies for immigration, tourism based on Judeo-Christian roots, and how intelligence Artificial will affect our society.

One of the most awaited moments is certainly the one in which the political manifesto of the European Conservatives will be presented, drawn up precisely given future European elections. A detailed manifesto consisting of ten points that unequivocally outlines the Conservative Party’s longstanding values and positions regarding Europe. With a strong emphasis on national identity, a robust defense, a migration strategy that is both pragmatic and humane, climate action that complements growth and prosperity, a solid economic recovery, innovative energy production, trade, the European budget, and global security, it is a comprehensive document that leaves no room for ambiguity.

There will be many prestigious speakers, starting from the European parliamentarians Carlo Fidanza (FdI) and Rob Roos (JA21), passing through the many national deputies such as Gianluca Caramanna (FdI), Antonio Giordano (FdI) who is also general secretary of the European Party of the Conservatives and Reformists, Sara Kelany (FdI), Simona Petrucci (FdI), Marta Schifone (FdI), Giedrius Surplys (LVŽS), Beatrice Timgren (SD), Zvonimir Troskot (Most), Aurelijus Verygra (LVŽS) and Pavel Žáček ( ODS). Several government guests such as the British Undersecretary of State for Energy Lord Martin John Callanan (Conservative), the former Bulgarian Minister of Water and the Environment Neno Dimov (OP-VMRO), the ambassador and former permanent representative of Poland in European Union Andrzej Sadoś and other important guests such as the federal President of Wir Bürger Jürgen Joost and the National President of the Romanian party AD Adela Mirza.

On Sunday, our entire delegation will showcase our commitment to building a prosperous and vibrant Europe at the Vox event. We firmly believe that a united and thriving Europe is not only possible but also crucial for our collective growth and well-being. Join us in this endeavor to create a Living Europe that benefits us all.