High-Level Conference on Italy’s RRNP: Dialogue between Government, Parliament and Auditors is Key

Culture - November 21, 2023

The Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors will be presented in Rome on Friday, November 24, 2023.

Europe has a significant specific weight in the lives of Europeans: not only because we are talking about one of the largest supranational organizations in the world, not only because many of the regulations touch on the most concrete issues on the agendas of each State, not only for a largely shared social, cultural and value heritage. A highly pragmatic element is the overlwhelming weight of Europe in the financial system of the states.

Against this backdrop, the presentation of the Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors on the financial year 2022 will be held on Friday 24 November in Rome, in the premises of the Italian Senate. The event is organized upon the initiative of Hon. Antonio Giordano (Fratelli d’Italia), Secretary General of the ECR. He will also preside over the proceedings.

2022, the year covered by the last published Annual Report, is remembered for being a truly complicated year for Europe: amid a wave of increases in raw materials and energy prices, with a supply crisis worsened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all this with Covid-19 still in the background which, although in a reduced form, has contributed to slowing down Europe’s recovery.

The presentation will see two different sessions grasp the nuances of the financial relationship between Italy and the EU: the first session will focus on the Recovery and Resilience Facility; the second one will focus on the broader implications of the European funds for the Italian economy.

After an initial greeting from Guido Carlino (President of the Italian Court of Auditors), Pietro Russo (European Court of Auditors) will present the Annual Report of the EU Court of Auditors. In the ensuing session, the proceedings will center on the relationship between Europe and local and national administrations. Caterina Chinnici (FI, PPE), the Secretary General of the Court of Auditors Franco Massi, and the Director of the PNRR Mission Structure – a consultative body of the Government – Carlo Alberto Manfredi Selvaggi will take floor.

During the second session, the audience will also benefit from authoritative representatives from the political world: the Italian Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economy and Finance Hon. Lucia Albano (FdI), the Chaiman of the FdI parliamentary group in the Italian Senate Sen. Lucio Malan, the President of the Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Hon. Marco Osnato (FdI) and Professor Luciano Monti (LUISS). The conclusions of the proceedings will be entrusted  to the economist Domenico Lombardi.

An initiative aimed at dissecting information, ideas, and reflections of scholars and political decision-makers on European financial policies, taking the opportunity to elaborate on the more formal, but no less important, issues of European intervention on the three-year crisis that has been experienced since the pandemic period.

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