A New Beginning for European Right

ECR Party Europa Viva Conference - May 24, 2024

The political event “Europa Viva 24,” organized by Vox and the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, marked a turning point for the European conservative movement. The final day of the event, held in Madrid on Sunday, featured a series of prominent political leaders, all united by a common vision of a sovereign and strong Europe, capable of responding to global challenges with determination and cohesion.

One of the most anticipated and surprising guests was Marine Le Pen, leader of the Rassemblement National. She emphasized the growing collaboration between nationalist and conservative movements in Europe. Le Pen spoke fervently about the need to protect national identities and reform the European Union to return power to sovereign peoples. “We have common points,” she said, highlighting how cooperation among conservative forces can bring about real change in European policies, emphasizing greater security and stricter border controls.

Another highlight of the event was the speech by Javier Milei, the economist and president of Argentina. The crowd greeted Milei with great enthusiasm, repeatedly applauding during his speech. Milei spoke about the necessity of combating socialism in all its forms and promoting economic policies that favor individual freedom and the free market. His fiery rhetoric and radical ideas deeply resonated with the audience, solidifying his reputation as an icon for many European conservatives.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia and a prominent figure in the ECR group, delivered a passionate and inspiring speech. Meloni spoke about the vision of a Europe that respects national identities, promotes the traditional family, and defends Christian values. She emphasized the importance of national sovereignty and the need for a Europe that is more attentive to the needs of its citizens rather than the bureaucratic elites in Brussels. Meloni also called for a united front against uncontrolled immigration and policies that undermine the security and identity of European nations.

Meloni concluded her speech with a call for unity among all European conservative forces. “Only united can we defend our freedom and our future,” she said, receiving a standing ovation from the audience. Her emphasis on unity and cooperation struck a strong chord with the participants, highlighting how the Europa Viva 24 event was a crucial moment for strengthening the ties between conservative movements across Europe.

The event also saw the participation of other notable figures in the European conservative political landscape, each contributing to the discussion on the future of Europe. Speeches ranged from criticisms of EU immigration policies to the defense of traditional values, and proposals for a radical reform of European institutions. Each speaker underscored the importance of a Europe that serves its citizens and not centralized bureaucracies.

Concluding the event, the host Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, delivered a speech that summarized the central themes of the day. Abascal passionately spoke about the need to defend Europe from both external and internal threats, emphasizing the crucial role of sovereign nations. He highlighted how only through the unity of conservative forces can a safer, more prosperous Europe be built, respectful of its cultural roots. Abascal also thanked all the participants for their commitment and urged continued collaboration among European conservative movements.

Europa Viva 24 represented not only a moment of discussion and debate but also a strong signal of the growing unity among European conservative and nationalist movements. The participation of figures like Marine Le Pen, Javier Milei, Giorgia Meloni, and Santiago Abascal demonstrated that there is a shared vision for a different Europe, founded on traditional values, national sovereignty, and individual freedom. The event reinforced the idea that, through collaboration and unity, conservative forces can significantly influence Europe’s future, promoting policies that genuinely address citizens’ needs and protect national identities.

The success of the event and the enthusiasm of the audience were clear indicators of the growing consensus for these ideas. The path towards a conservative and sovereign Europe is still long and full of challenges, but Europa Viva 24 marked an important step in this direction, offering a platform for dialogue and cooperation that could lead to concrete and lasting results in the European political landscape.