ECR Party heads to Scilla to unlock the energies of Southern Italy and Europe

Culture - August 24, 2023

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party returns to Italy with an event focused entirely on the South, because “when the South grows, Italy grows, Europe grows.”

After addressing highly relevant topics in previous editions of the “ECR Party Culture Weekend,” conservatives from all over Europe will gather in Scilla, Calabria (Italy), to delve into the theme of Southern development, exploring the opportunities it offers and the challenges that need to be tackled for its full potential to be unleashed.

This meeting builds upon previous appointments, which discussed the conservative agenda in Split (Croatia), solutions for a shared European project in Sofia (Bulgaria), agriculture and water resources in Jerusalem (Israel), and the pivotal role of tourism in the European economy in Ischia (Italy).

The Secretary-General of the ECR Party and Member of the Italian Parliament, Antonio Giordano, begins by previewing some of the topics that will be discussed: “It is finally that time in which Italy and Europe invest in the South, in its infrastructure, and services. Places like the one where the conservatives from all over Europe will gather showcase the great heritage and potential that the South inherently represents, and how it can significantly contribute to European growth. This initiative aims to discuss the South, the Mediterranean, the challenges, and the values that animate the political agenda of European Conservatives and Reformists”.

Prominent and authoritative guests will take the stage, divided into four discussion panels. The first will focus on European transport policy, strategic infrastructure, and the bridge over the Strait of Messina to connect Sicily with mainland Italy. The second panel will cover topics related to agriculture, the green economy, and the enhancement of territories. The third panel will center on innovation, particularly biotechnology for developing virtuous models in the medical and healthcare fields. Lastly, the fourth panel will discuss Mediterranean politics, focusing on the Gioia Tauro port, an economic hub in the heart of Europe. The event’s conclusion will be devoted to the central theme that gives the event its title: “If the South grows, Italy grows, and Europe grows.”

Among the guests participating in the event are expected to be: Galeazzo Bignami, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport; Andrea Delmastro, Undersecretary of Justice; Giovanni Donzelli, Member of Parliament and National Organizer of Brothers of Italy; Wanda Ferro, Undersecretary of the Interior; Carlo Fidanza, Member of the European Parliament and Head of the FDI delegation; Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra, Undersecretary of Agriculture; Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament; journalist Antonino Monteleone; Nello Musumeci, Minister for Civil Protection and Maritime Policies; Nicola Procaccini, Member of the European Parliament and co-president of the ECR Group; and Giosy Romano, President of ZES Calabria and Campania.

These cultural weekends organized by the ECR Party will allow participants to immerse themselves in political debates and the history and culture of Europe’s most important cities. In particular, in Scilla, participants will have the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Magna Grecia and see the famous Riace Bronzes. On Sunday, the participants will enjoy a boat tour near the Costa Viola, where they will hold a meeting with stakeholders in Maritime Policy.