ECR Party in Ireland to Talk about European Farmers’ Future

Culture - November 3, 2023

The ECR Party Culture Weekend goes to Ireland, from 3 to 5 November, for a Conference on the future of the European Farmers.

The weekend’s topic will be the “Traditions and Innovation: A Conservative Future for European Farmers”, where we will talk about sustainable policies for the prosperity of European landscapes, with necessary steps on livestock care, agriculture, and inevitably the green economy.

The challenges and opportunities that this delicate sector offers will be the stimulus for a debate that could light the spark towards the recovery of the Irish conservative world, seeing the participation of top politicians and intellectuals from all over Europe, as well as business leaders and industry experts.

The program includes a stage in Dublin to visit the Irish Parliament, the conference program, a tour of the magnificent city of Kilkenny, and the gala dinner the same evening.

There will be 4 panels that will touch on the most important themes of the event. The first meeting will talk about the Green Economy, seeking strategies that can benefit producers and consumers: the speeches will be by parliamentarians Michael Collins (Ireland, independent) and Mauro Rotelli (Italy, FdI – ECR), by the Director of the Conservative Institute and already Bulgarian Minister of Water and Environment Neno Dimov (VMRO – ECR), the Professor of Finance at Trinity College Dublin Cormac Lucey and the President of Alternativa Dreaptă Adela Mîrza (AD – ECR).

We will then talk about sustainable farming practices, adopting a pragmatic approach: the speakers will be the honorable Luca De Carlo (Italy, FdI – ECR), Carol Nolan (Ireland, independent), and Giedrius Surplys (Lithuania, LVŽS – Verdi/ALE) who has already held the role of Minister of Agriculture in his country; the point of view of Larrisa Nolan (Irish journalist for The Mirror) and Valters Zelcs (Latvia, Foreign Policy Advisor The Farmers’ Parliament) will not be missing.

We will then talk about how to reform European agricultural policies, with a clear reference to the CAP and the many critical issues raised about it. Speakers will include parliamentarians Ylenia Lucaselli (Italy, FdI – ECR) and Mattie McGrath (Ireland, independent), the President of Farm Europe Yves Madre (France), the President of ICMSA – Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association Pat McCormack and the magazine’s journalist Irish Farmers Journal Pat O’Toole.

The last panel that will close the cycle of conferences will be focusing on outlining a conservative alternative for the future of European farms and agriculture: the Italian Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani (FdI – ECR), the MEP Carlo Fidanza will speak (Italy, FdI – ECR), the Irish senator Sharon Keogan (independent) and the parliamentarians Vojtěch Munzar (Czech Republic, ODS – ECR) and Marco Osnato (Italy, FdI – ECR).

The highlight of the event, however, will be the interview conducted by the Secretary General of the ECR, MP Antonio Giordano (Italy, FdI – ECR), with two leading institutions in the field of European agriculture: the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski (Poland, PiS – ECR) and the Italian Minister of Agriculture (FdI – ECR). The two, via video link, will discuss the key issues, explaining both what has already been done and what will need to be done to give a future to a large production chain such as the European agri-food sector.

The location of the event will be the Lyrath Estate Hotel, a magnificent location, consisting of a 17th-century house beyond which extends 170 acres of natural Irish landscape, with picturesque lakes, historic gardens, and forests of a thousand shades of green. An extraordinary place from which to launch the conservative challenge for agriculture based on tradition, sustainability, and prosperity.