President Meloni traces route to the United Nations

Politics - September 22, 2023

European conservatives have a great leader. Giorgia Meloni has shown the world many times that she is not afraid to make her voice heard already on several occasions and demonstrated the goodness of conservative ideals in every situation in which she was.

Last September 20, however, was different. The President of the Italian Council of Ministers and of ECR spoke during the seventy-eighth UN General Assembly demonstrating in just 15 minutes that there is a good and there is an evil. There are several notable passages. From the beginning it was understood that Meloni was not in New York for vacation or to defend herself, on the contrary she attacked emphasizing the need to defend nations, identities and homelands. Reiterating, moreover, the duty to always prefer reason to strength in an age as complex as the one the world is experiencing. In addition to the ritual phrases in which she said how much it was an honor to represent Italy in that House, she stressed how at the same time it represented a heavy responsibility, given the historical period.

More specifically, she touched on the issue of the war in Ukraine, about which she explained: “Italy has clearly chosen a side. It did it out of justice. It did so because it is aware of how difficult it would be to govern a world in which those who bomb civil infrastructures have the best in the hope of bending a people with cold and darkness, who uses energy as a weapon and blackmail developing nations by preventing the export of grain”. Meloni also spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the corridors of the UN Palace.

She then touched on the theme of migrants, increasingly central to European dynamics; fight against human traffickers and “right not to emigrate”. It is around these two topics that Meloni recalled that Africa is not a poor continent but an exploited continent: “The approach has been predatory, and yet even paternalistic. We need to turn the tide and offer a serious alternative to the phenomenon of mass migration, an alternative made up of work, training, opportunities in the countries of origin, and paths of legal and agreed migration and therefore also integrable. We will be the first to set a good example with the ‘Mattei Plan for Africa”. She then wondered how an organization that has contributed in a fundamental way to eradicate slavery can turn to the other side and not realize the gravity of the situation.

Regarding this issue, in addition to the words in the General Assembly, Meloni met the UN Secretary Antonio Guterres to whom she asked for greater involvement. The guideline is: reject the hypocrisy that has made the traffickers of human beings rich and fight them by all means.

An intervention in which nothing has been left out of the themes of greatest impact for the world. Artificial intelligence for the President of the European Conservatives must be monitored because there is much faster technological development than men. The latter unable to govern the effects. Finally, she concluded by reiterating the need for a reform of the Security Council considered by Meloni no longer representative and effective. One solution is to strengthen regional representation and a more equitable geographical distribution of seats. It is good to remember that during the next G7 Italian-led this will be one of the central themes. The message of the Italian Prime Minister is as simple in words as it is complicated in fact: “Giving ethics to algorithms”.