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Politics - March 4, 2024

Historic Meeting between Giorgia Meloni and Joe Biden: Strengthening Italy-USA Ties.

On March 3rd, 2024, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, visited the White House to meet with the President of the United States, Joe Biden. This meeting is of utmost significance as it marks an important turning point in the relationship between Italy and the United States, and is considered a historical moment for the Italian Presidency of the G7.

Two days ago, in fact, the White House in Washington hosted a diplomatic meeting between Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, and the President of the United States. The primary objective of this meeting was to discuss the crisis in the Middle East, a matter of critical importance. Both leaders pledged to work together and coordinate efforts to prevent any escalation of the conflict. During the meeting, Meloni expressed Italy’s full support and gratitude for the U.S. mediation efforts. She also took the opportunity to emphasize the necessity and priority of addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region, which requires urgent attention and action.

Indeed, President Biden recently made an important announcement regarding the United States’ participation in a significant aid operation to Gaza. This move signifies the United States’ unwavering commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in the region. It also highlights the importance of preventing any further escalation of the situation. The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressed her appreciation for this decision and warmly welcomed the move. She emphasized the necessity to work towards a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, as it is crucial for the safety and well-being of innocent civilians living in the area.

During the meeting held between the two prominent leaders, there was a significant emphasis on the need for enhanced security measures in the Red Sea region. In particular, President Meloni highlighted the crucial role of the European Union’s naval operation named “Aspides” in effectively countering the persistent threat of Houthi attacks on commercial ships. In order to ensure a secure and stable region, the leaders discussed and deliberated on various strategies that could be implemented, such as deploying advanced technology, increasing patrolling, and intelligence sharing. The discussion also involved exploring the possibility of collaborative efforts between countries and organizations to achieve the goal of ensuring the safety and stability of the Red Sea region.

During her recent speech, President Meloni emphasized the crucial importance of the upcoming summit of the G7 leaders in Puglia Region, in Italy. She highlighted the aim of a concrete and substantial summit, which would address the most pressing issues facing the world today. The Italian Presidency of the G7 has identified several priorities, including defending the rules-based international order, with a particular emphasis on peace in Ukraine and dialogue with the Global South within the G7.

The President also discussed different crucial topics during her speech, including migratory flows, which are currently a pressing issue for both Italy and the United States. The discussion focused on finding viable solutions that would be beneficial for all parties involved, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected by migratory flows. Overall, the speech underscored the importance of collaboration and cooperation in tackling the most pressing issues facing the world today.

During the discussion, the Prime Minister of Italy, Ms. Meloni, highlighted the significance of the “Mattei Plan”(1) that was recently approved by the Italian Parliament. A plan that represents an important step towards bilateral cooperation that goes beyond mere assistance and focuses on building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Prime Minister Meloni underlined that the approach towards Africa should be based on strategic partnerships between equals, rather than on a paternalistic or predatory approach. On this topic, She emphasized that one of the primary objectives of this plan is to manage migratory flows in the country effectively.

Furthermore, Ms. Meloni stressed the importance of exploring opportunities for collaboration with the United States in areas of common interest, regarding the African continent. She recalled the conference held in Rome about the relations between Italy and the African continent (2). During the conference, the Prime Minister underlined the need for an equal approach to the continent’s development. She believes this approach can address the root causes of the migration crisis and combat human trafficking. To this purpose, Ms. Meloni is also contemplating launching a global alliance against human traffickers. This alliance can work towards providing a safer and more secure environment for individuals across the world, while also ensuring that human traffickers are brought to justice.

The meeting was also the opportunity to talk about artificial intelligence which has emerged as a major issue, with both leaders committed to developing policies that ensure AI remains human-centric.

The situation in Ukraine was also a significant topic discussed by the two. The Prime Minister confirmed Italy’s complete support for Kyiv and welcomed the announcement of sanctions against Russia. The Prime Minister also highlighted the significance of allocating the funds frozen by the Russian central bank abroad to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine, which was requested by the United States.

Finally, Meloni underlined the importance of strategic cooperation between Italy and the United States, highlighting the growing bilateral trade and the potential for further improvements in bilateral relations, a strong alignment between Italy and the United States on key issues of international politics, confirming the common commitment to peace, security, and global prosperity.

The meeting between the Prime Minister of Italy and the President of the United States demonstrated a broad convergence of intentions on vital issues such as migration, the Middle East, and Ukraine. It strengthened the bond between Italy and the United States and created the way for increased cooperation between the two nations on issues of global significance.


(1) The “Mattei Plan” is the strategic initiative promoted to establish a new partnership between Italy and African states. It takes its name from the former president of “ENI”, Enrico Mattei, who passed away in 1962. This plan aims to create an energy and social link with the African continent, following the “non-predatory” approach of Mattei towards Africa. The objective is to promote sustainable and lasting development, based on a strategic partnership between Europe and Africa. The Mattei Plan provides for collaboration between Italy and African countries to define specific contents and mobilize resources for investments, to contribute to the stability and security of the continent.


(2) The Italy-Africa Conference took place in Rome on the 28th and 29th of January 2024 and was attended by over 20 African heads of state and government, along with many other international representatives and delegations.

The main focus of the conference was to establish a new cooperative strategy between Italy and African countries, giving special attention to crucial aspects like energy and professional training. During the event, the Mattei Plan was presented by Prime Minister Meloni. This project had already been approved as a law decree by the Italian Senate on 20 December 2023. The objective of the Mattei Plan is to provide assistance to African countries and manage immigration in a “soft” way while addressing important issues like energy supply and training.

Nine African nations were involved from the beginning, including Algeria, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, and Tunisia. Each country has its collaboration pillars, such as education, agriculture, health, and energy. This pioneering approach aims to create a strategic partnership between Italy, Europe, and Africa, moving beyond the conventional donor and beneficiary model.